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Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

The farmhouse bathroom renovation has begun and I could not be more excited! What an amazing birthday present for me (tomorrow)! I have been aching to renovate our bathrooms since we moved in 2.5 years ago and this is the first one in the lineup! So many of you were asking about the details so I wanted to provide them for you here. You can also catch my Instagram stories daily from now until it’s finished to see the daily progress 🙂 

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

I wanted to have one statement piece in this bathroom and I found this floor tile TWO years ago and scooped it up in hopes of using it one day. HA. I do realize I am a crazy person 🙂 We just found out today that I didn’t quite order enough and the store I bought it from no longer had it in stock. However, I was able to track it down and order one more box – phew! I am so excited to see all of this come together! 

Started our farmhouse bathroom renovation this week and I am so excited to see it all come together. Our plans are in this post!

Lighting // Antique brass mirrors // Vanity // Flooring // Stool // Bead Board // Sliding Barn Door

I love how the vanity has open shelving on the bottom but STILL maintains some drawer space up top! I love the look of this one but I will be changing out the handles to black handles! I will also be changing out the sink faucets to antique brass. I purchased these ones from eBay and love the look of them!  The walls will be “Swiss Coffee” by Benjamin Moore with “Simply White” trim. I will also have beadboard halfway up as seen in the image on the left! I am still unsure about the mirrors. They will definitely be oval but I don’t know if I should go with these wood ones here or these antique brass ones here! Gimme your vote in the comments! 

Lastly, the door we had opened up in tho the bathroom and the bathroom is small enough where the door was just in the way so we are putting up a sliding door!

Started our farmhouse bathroom renovation this week and I am so excited to see it all come together. Our plans are in this post!

Tub // Tub & Shower Faucet // Classic Subway Tile

I went back and forth with the tub FOREVER and I was just about to give up when I decided to ask all of YOU on Instagram stories which tub you had at home and loved. Well, there were so many votes for this one here and we went with it! It has great soaking depth and has a nice paneling in front which adds character. We are going with classic subway tile for the shower and of course, the floor tile that I featured above! 

Stay tuned for the little details as we progress in the next week or two!


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  1. Wood mirrors! I have a different shape of that kind from WM and love them. They will also add some texture between the metal faucet and light fixtures. So exciting!

  2. Your new bathroom is going to look so beautiful! Love everything you picked out. I really really like the wood mirrors the best especially with the style you are going for. Those would look great!

  3. I say wood mirror! I love all your choices and it will look beautiful. I would caution you on the barn door. I would recommend a solid wood door and some sort of seal or a track that allows the door to sit in the opening a bit. They look so nice however if someone is going to the washroom behind the door, it’s not a complete seal (ie noise, smells, lack of privacy). Just passing on some experience with the wood barn doors 😉

  4. Love it all looks similar to what I did! I have those floors or something just like it in my laundry room with a barn door that was made for entrance and I stained it! And for my master Bath i did white vanity with marble top with herringbone floors and the antique brass fixtures and mirrors and love how it all turned out! Enjoy the process!

    1. Where did you find the flooring??? I love the tile and haven’t found online yet but haven’t searched thoroughly yet.



  5. I like the wood mirrors. I think that I might paint the wood either white or maybe even black to go with the design in the floor. I absolutely love everything that you chose. It will be so amazing. Looking forward to the big reveal.

  6. Wood mirrors, they will give the bathroom warmth and match the stool. Love those wooden mirrors!!! So exited to see the final teaulta (btw everythin you have chosen for the bathroom is so beautiful)

  7. Im goimg againdt the grain here but I vote brass. It has a touch of elegance and antique. Also, I have the same faucet…bought off of eBay. I got it a few years ago for the height because we went with the bowl sink that sits on top of the vanity. Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom. Xoxo

    1. Yikes with the misspellings! Sorry! I would blame the kids but they are asleep and I rely on autocorrect to fix my laziness/exhaustion.

  8. I vote for the brass mirrors. I like that they “match” the faucets. If you have other wood elements in your bathroom then I would vote for the wood mirrors. I also like the idea of black framed mirrors since your mirrors to tie in with the floors.

  9. Brass mirrorrs! We JUST redid our main bathroom in our 1920’s bungalow (it was retro pink everything similar to your blue tub bathroom!) and went with grey/marble look almost exactly like your inspiration/planning pictures. our mirror style is also similar to the pics you posted and we got it from pottery barn… I wish I could show you how ours turned out for reference because it turned out so much prettier than we though it would haha. I Love the hardware you’re going with and that tile is 🙌🏻

  10. Quick question… what do you use to do your idea board? I am not completely “tech” savvy and I would love to put together something like you did for your bathroom for my son’s room so he can kind of see what I am thinking for his room. Love the look of you bathroom. Wish I had one big enough for double sinks lol

  11. I think that’s the kholer Archer bathtub, if so you’re going to LOVE it! We just used it in our bathroom renovation and it’s literally the best tub I have ever soaked in! The back has this amazing slant, which at first I freaked out about because I thought it was stealing too much length but once I got in there I was in love! Enjoy the ride!

  12. Where did you find the flooring??? I love the tile and haven’t found online yet but haven’t searched thoroughly yet.