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Family Walks with Blundstone

Quite a few of you have recommended Blundstone to me over the years and I was VERY excited when they reached out to work together! I’ve never tried out their boots before but have seen that they are sold at some of my favorite retailers, including Madewell! The Blundstone brand was established in Tasmania in 1870 and is the maker of the most comfortable and durable boots EVER made. They are rugged enough to get your through any terrain but stylish enough to wear for every day and I have to admit, I don’t know what took me so long to own a pair!

They even make toddler and younger kid sizes and the kids LOVE them and reach for them on a daily basis to wear to school. They conveniently have loops on the back of the heels to easily pull them on. My husband loves his as well and they are a great boot for working in the yard to heading out for a dinner date! 

This is our favorite place to take walks and hikes, the park is HUGE and there is so much for the kids to play around with here! Miles was having a blast jumping off the boulders and the girls were playing in the woods with leaves and sticks! Outdoor play at it’s best! 

Look at that handsome man with his cute Blundstone boots! I can hardly take it 😉 I was a bit worried that these wouldn’t fit him because he has chubby little feet and it can be tough to get shoes on him but that pull loop on the heel of the boot was great while putting these on! 
These boots are a GREAT gift idea for anyone on your list this year. I love that they are a tried and true favorite for SO many of YOU too! The fact that they have been in booming business since 1870 has to tell you something 😉 Pretty cool that they are primarily Tasmanian based as well! 
These pictures are some of my favorites that we have as a family. The kids were in a great mood wandering and playing through the woods and I feel that the photographs perfectly reflect that! 🙂 

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