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Family Travel Magazine: International and Domestic Travel with Kids in Tow

The curation of this family travel magazine was something that came to me a few months ago when I heard many of you wishing to have a place where you could go for family travel suggestions all in one place. The purpose of this magazine is to be an ever changing document that is updated monthly with more trip suggestions from YOU! I know that it can be difficult to plan your own vacation with children and I hope that this magazine gives you hope that it CAN be done and it can be a blast making those memories with your kids. There are two magazines, international and domestic. Depending on your preference, you can browse either one. Please reach out to me via email ( if you have a family trip that you would like added to the magazine, I would love to feature you. 

One of the most important things while traveling with kids is to know that this won’t be that relaxing vacation you have had in the past when you were sans kids. This will be a trip. It will be WORK. Above all, it will be 100x worth it. The memories you make with them will last a lifetime and my oldest still talks about a trip from when she was 4. They DO remember at that young age and I love being able to introduce them to different cultures, languages, and terrain throughout the world. We have a separate account that we contribute to weekly that we use once a year to do a big international trip. We make this a priority in our lives because we think it’s important for them and it allows us to see the world as well. I know this may not be a priority for all but I am here to tell you that when you work it into your budget, things ARE possible. This may not mean an international trip – you can find plenty of insanely gorgeous places to travel to right here in the US! 

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