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Fall & Winter Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe 2019

I really hope that this Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe is helpful for you, it’s finally live! After my first was born, I lived in sweatpants and a tee and over the period of a few months, started to feel really depressed. Having just a few items as your go-tos once you deliver makes you feel put together and ready to tackle on a day of breastfeeding 😉 It took me a few years to nail down what I think is necessary for your postpartum wardrobe but I think I finally did it. Some of these items you may already have in your own wardrobe too! I made sure to include different versions of many of the items as well as high and low price points as well! 

Fall & Winter Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe 2019


Barefoot Dreams Cardigan |  They have quite a few on sale here! These are SO cozy and great for the recovering post partum at home. I even wear these with a pair of leggings for running errands as well! I love gifting these to new mamas! 


Loose Tunic Length Tops | This floral one I scooped up at Target last week is a “dress” but I will be wearing it as a tunic and it will be perfect with a bump and postpartum too! I also love these baby doll tops below!


Loose Basic Tee | this tee from my recent Old Navy try on is the perfect length and slouchy enough for nursing! As far as a basic white short sleeve, I recommend these here! Excellent quality and I just lifted them up to nurse!

Button Front Tops | A basic button front top will become your best friend! Simply unbutton to nurse and there are so many that look great with a postpartum bod! This one from my recent Old Navy try on is my favorite but I have a few others I recommend that I will link below too! 

DRAPED VEST | This vest is perfect for underneath a loose tee and great to mimic a nursing cover! 


High Waisted Leggings | You all know my love for these high waisted basic Zella leggings (size down one)! But I will also include my faux leather Spanx in here too because it’s a great way to dress up during the holiday season and keep everything tucked in! Here is the link the the dupes from Target for $16! They don’t have as much compression but definitely a good option for those on a budget!

THESE are also an amazing option for during pregnancy and AFTER. Just like the Lululemon align leggings but less compression!

High Waisted Denim | My favorite Good American denim that I am always raving about – are the winners here! Size down if you size 00-8 and get your normal size if you are 8+! As for a budget friendly version, I recommend these jeans here or here that I recently found at Old Navy!

Your “Comfy Pants” | I shared these last week but they really are THE BEST and would be great for C section mamas too! They roll down and they are SO comfortable! 


Nightgown | I have SO much love for this button front nightgown from Nordstrom that I bought YEARS ago but I did find a very similar version for cheaper here too if you are on a budget! This one is also made of 100% cotton (sustainable natural fabric)!

Button Front Pajamas (long sleeve, short sleeve) | These ones are my FAVORITE but I did find a few budget friendly ones that are very similar in fabric HERE in grey and HERE in black! If you are looking for a short sleeve/shorts version, you can find that HERE.


Nursing Friendly Dress #1

Nursing Friendly Dress #2

Nursing Friendly Dress #3 


Natori Nursing Bra | my favorite every day nursing bra! 

Wireless Nursing Bra | If you are breastfeeding, you will want a wire free nursing bra for the first 6-8 weeks while your body adjusts to the milk production (your breasts will increase and decrease in size during this time and you do not want to wear a wire when this is adjusting)!

Postpartum Underwear | This was my favorite postpartum because they are high cut and VERY comfortable!

Compression Shapewear | These are THE BOMB for underneath dresses! 


3 n 1 Maternity Coat | I have this coat and it’s one of the best purchases! Great for during pregnancy, postpartum WITH a baby carrier and then unzip the middle part for a regular coat when you’re done!!


Converse Sneakers | Always my go to shoes! I wear them with everything, leggings and dresses! 

Madewell Mules | I got these this year and love that they slip right on! Perfect for running out the door! 

Simple Black Booties | These will go with everything, and they’re a great price!

If there is an item that you have LOVED postpartum, I would love to hear about it in the comment section below! 

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    1. Thank you for also including budget friendly items! I STARTED following you on IG in recent weeks and appreciate all of your content! 🤗

  1. Ill never forget after my Second being sick Of wearing sweats but not wanting to buy new jeans….then you saved me witht the old navy pull on jegging!! I tell all new moms to buy them fOr that awkward not fitting into jeans phase. Still thank you for those!

  2. I Love this post… it’s like you knew I’m having a baby any day now! I’ve already scooped up tHe Old Navy cardigan and the Zella leggings!!!

  3. The Maternity Scoop Neck Tank by ISABEL MATERNITY BY INGRID & ISABEl at target are my favorite nursing take and base layer. I have a large chest, especially when nursing, so the nursing tanks with built-in shelf bra did not offer enough support for me and wearing one of those WITH A BRA ADDED TOO MUCH UNWANTED BULK. THESE TANKS ARE AWESOME SINCE THEY’RE STRETCHY AND WITH THE SCOOP NECK I WOULD JUST PULL IT DOWN TO NURSE. GIVES A GREAT BASE LAYER AND DOESN’T REQUIRE EXPOSING THE BELLY WHEN NURSING EITHER!

  4. SUch a great post! Trying to switch over my summer/MATERNITY closet for fall now that my second baby is A month old. Love the idea of doing a capsule waRdrobe…the easier the better since i have a 22-month-old too! Would love to see The outfits you could put TOGETHER with these items


  5. I have read so many postpartum capsule posts and this is by far the best! I just emailed it to my sister as well with the subject line “this makes me so excited to feel like me again!”. Thank you for doing this!