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Excited for 2019…..

Happy 2019 everyone! I love the feeling of a fresh new start and I have an inkling that 2019 is going to be a good one! In today’s post, I wanted to write out some of my “goals” for the upcoming year as well as talk about the new changes that will be happening with regards to this blog! Nothing HUGE is changing HOWEVER, things are about to get way more organized. 

First things first….

I am not someone who likes making resolutions but rather just making some small goals and changes that I would love to see throughout the year. First and most importantly, I want to have more patience with my kids. The more stressed I am, the less patient I am with them and so a priority of mine this year is to hire my friend to help me run some of the backend of this blog and allow me to be less stressed and enjoy more time with my kids while they are small. This blog has been a HUGE blessing for our family and I pray that it continues to help you all in a positive way. 

Photo in Salzburg, Austria by Rebecca Cantrelle Photography

Another focus for 2019 is a healthy body. I am turning 34 very soon and I think this year will be the year where I concentrate on my health. I need to drink more water, eat healthier (everything in moderation) and workout 3-4 days a week. I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 6 years and I am beyond excited to push my self physically and get into great shape. My goal is to gain more muscle/weight and maybe even run a 10k or half marathon. I used to run all the time (including the NYC marathon) but I’ve only really had time for short runs here & there! 

Lastly, I want to make reading a priority again. I used to read SO many books that I would lose count and with all the social media, working, and #momlife – I haven’t been able to finish a book in about 10 years. I want to make a goal of reading one book per month and the two that are currently in the lineup to be read first are “1,2,3 Magic” and “The Little Book of Hygge“! If you want to share some of your favorites in the comment section, I would love to hear about them!

Changes here on the blog

My goal this year with my blog is to have some more organization both behind the scenes and with my content. I want you to all get excited for the content that will be rolling out on a daily basis and so I set up a weekly “what to expect” calendar so that you know what’s on deck for the day! You have all LOVED my daily story breakdowns in the morning since I started that in early summer so I will keep that up to! 

MONDAY – Best sellers from the week before – This will be a post dedicated to the top 5 product sellers from the previous week (with reviews from some of you as well)

TUESDAY – Motherhood topics – I know how much you guys loved the #latenightnursingfeed and I have great news for you! I will be bringing it back! On the 15th of every month, you will see a post go live around 8-9 pm on my IG feed where I introduce that month’s topic. It could be anything from breastfeeding to potty training to sleep training. You can also come here every Tuesday for a motherhood topic! I will be asking you all what you want to hear about the most and posting it here. 

WEDNESDAY – Try on session – both in my stories and on the blog!

THURSDAY – Lynzy’s Weekly Roundup – This post will focus on the book I am currently reading, podcasts I am listening to, workouts, recipes from the week – really anything that I want to update you all on! 

FRIDAY – Amazon favorites (this could be style related items, books, baby/kids items, household products, etc) 

I have been praying a lot lately in regards to this blog. I want it to be a space that serves you and doesn’t have you throwing out money you don’t have or money on items you won’t get life out of. I did a HUGE clean out of my closet yesterday and I am starting fresh in a sense. I kept all the items that I really love and know will work well together and the new items I purchase will have to fit well into the current rotation. I plan to do a lot more sharing of the same pieces OVER and OVER so that you can see that a piece has a ton of versatility to it rather than sharing a new outfit on a weekly basis. I want you to have a wardrobe of items you will wear again, again and again. Sooooooo, that leads me to this……

Over the next 12 months I will introduce you to 12 of my MUST HAVE ITEMS in my wardrobe and I will be styling them 20 different ways! For example, in January I will be doing a huge post on how to style OTK boots 20 ways and then in February, it will be the next item. 

I hope that this new series is helpful for you when it comes to throwing together outfits! I know it can be hard when you’re running late and cannot think of anything to wear (even though you have plenty)! …and don’t worry! I will still be doing a monthly breastfeeding style post where I feature the cutest pieces for breastfeeding and maternity as well! 

Alright, I think I covered it all! Please let me know what you want to see here specifically in the new year! It could be the styling of a specific item, motherhood topic you want me to touch on, etc! 

Thank you all so much for your support and love that you send my way on a daily basis. I truly don’t know what I would do without this community!

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  1. This is amazing! I am hoping to do some of the same things that youre planning and am happy to have others in same mIndset

  2. This all sounds really great! I love following you because of The relatable mOm insPiration and look forward to a Fun 2019Z!

  3. This is incredible! So excited to follow alOng!! I think im most excited for is the motherhood Topics and amazIn finds 🙌🏼

  4. Cant wait! Love all these for 2019. I really love the idea of the Dofferent ways to stule an item and cant wait tk hear which books you enjoy.

  5. Love your goals they pretty Much sum up my goals for 2019! I just tUrned 34 and had my third baby 15 months ago i am ready to get healthy and “in shape” again!! I am setting the reading goal as well, i did last year and failed epically!! Looking forward to your posts this year! Happy new yEar!!

  6. Awesome! I love following for your nursing friendly Items and mommy recS. I am so glad you will be sharing quality pieces and styling advice. I have a closet full of things, but it’s so overwhelming, i never know what to pick!

  7. LOVE love love the idea of sharing the same piece lots of times. I feel like you do this well anyway but will love to see even more of this! So much more praCtical for hoW most people dress/shop than sharing different “must have” items every day (again i think you do this well anyway!). Thanks for everything you do!

  8. Yes! I Look forward to folLowing you in 2019.

    As a new mom, a grad student and someone who lives in a small house (with not a lot of extra $!) i Often get sucked into the “i need this” trap of social media and deeply appreciate the suggestions around high Quality items with lOngeVity- rAther than items which will be toSSed aside, forgotten about or Donated with tags on!

  9. Love the mOtherhood posts (expecting Again So ill look forward to the late nIght nursing feeds again.)
    Book RecomMendatIons! maybe it could be a way to be accountable to your own goal of reading more if you do a monthly booK recommendation/book club

  10. Love the idea of a predictaBle schedule! I want to do the same thing to keep it consistent. Also loveeee That you will be sharing so many ways for one piece that will be very helpful!

  11. im Most excited for try-ons and amazon favorites. I also love the idea of showing multiple ways to style one piece. im guilty of buying new things when I really Should just be using what I have. I love how relatable and realistic you are!

  12. Yes, yes, yes! I feel the sAme when i am STRESSED. UNFORTUNATELY i take it out on my kiddos and that is no fun for anyone. I’m excited to see you share outfits with The same items. Sometimes i find myself buying something a blogger shared bc it was a good deal but not necesSarily something i really needed. Happy new year!

  13. I am so excited for your weekly schedule. All of these topics are so Helpful for me and so inspiring. Keep Doing what youre doing and spending time with your family. Happy new year!

  14. Love your insta & your blog! The info you shaRe is so helpful, i love your style and have used your inspo for many of my daily outfits! One thing i would love to see for motherhood topics is healthy dinner ideas that are kid/toddler frienY. I have a 5 year old & 7 mo old, both my husband and i work full time so trying to also balaNce healthy weeknight dinners can be tough! Thank you for all you Provide for this community!

  15. I love the idea of a scheudle for posts, etc. Im not sure what i want to see, but loving the new ideas. ❤️❤️❤️Happy New year!

  16. I follow you as life beyond The fray on instagram. And i love what you post and i love your goals and plan for the blog. Youre rocking it!

  17. I love both the idea of Weekly topics and the toPics you’ve chosen. Really looking forward to this. Also loving the idea of streamlining wardrobes but it just feels like another to do item to purge and create capsules. Looking forward to some easy to implement ideas here!

  18. I am looking forward to this content. I always enjoy your blog and stories. Loving the idea of the basic pieces instead of tons of new outfits it can be overwhelming. Could you include some Basic Intimates as well!!

  19. Definitely love your ideas for the upcoming Year! Im especially interested in workouts and what you will be eating to get healthy and in shape! Getting into shape to feel good about myself is also a goal of mine for this year! 🙂

  20. I Like the idea of the 12 must have items for The year. ThaT will be helpful. Id also personally be interested in what youre getting rid of in your closet. I have a bunch of items in My closet I feel like i should clear out, but its hard to get rid of things you know you sPent good money on (yes i know about thred up, etc, but you really get so little back). Id love to work towards a sMaller wardrobe that i really love, ao looking forward to those tips.

  21. YeSss! Im so excited to see wardrobe pieces styled over and over. I dStarted unfolLowing Style blogs because my spending was Getting crazy! Cant wait to see what you have in store for us ❤️

  22. I really like the variety of content, on the schedule/organization. Im interested in the closet par down and key piece introduction

  23. looking fOrward to your late nIght nursIng fEed and everything mommy related! Im expecting my fIrst In april and appreciate all of your suggestions! Book recommendation- orphan train. Easy read & so good (i finished it in a day- its addicting).

  24. I’Ve set several of the same personal goals that you have lIsted! I’m Looking forwaRd to the new changes on the blog!

    I can’t get the caps to turn off, dont think im yellIng😂

  25. Love the new ideas! Ive made my “resolutions” to be similar and cant wait to see how this Year plays out. And for Someone who loves prediCtability, this will be awesoMe!

  26. Wow, so thOughtfully lAid out, im look forward to all of these things! I did enjoy the addition of “today oN stoRies” in the morning. Can’t wait to see what content you share. I also love the dirECtion you arE going with the wardrobe staples and sharing versatility. I think that will help us make thoughtful Purchases and select quality items. Excited for wHats to come!

  27. Love it! I’m stoked to see what’s your must have items and how to style them. Also excited for the late night nursing Topics – due in April so I’ll be up + nursing 😂

  28. Love this…so Amazing! Maybe can you add kids bday gifts in your weekly amazon list. My son (age 5) has so many bday parties to attend, i cant keep up & i have no idea what to buy. Thanks!

  29. Excited for the changes and for for the top 20 must haves! Love the previews too. You are one of my fav to follow. You are legit! 🥰🥰

  30. I love the idea of styling 1 piece several different ways. After seeing how you styled overAlls i was inspired to purchase the madewell ones. I still consult your overall styles and i love love love my overalls and get Compliments every time i wear them! Thanks! Looking forward to followinG alOng for 2019!

  31. Your thoughtfulness behind your blog is so inspiring! We can truly see how much you care and how much work goes into it! I would love to see more about your health/fitness journey! Tips for meals and anything else you think might be helpful to other people on the same path!

  32. Love your approach- i also need more patience and have realized this year that i’m better with my kids when i Reduce my stress levels (ie – stop over comitting, stay disciplined and go running a few times a week). I also made it a goal to read more and finished 28 books last year! It helped a lot to have all sorts of books around so if i didnt feel like reading a particular book one night, there was still something interesting nearby. I also read what i wanted to and not just wHat was a trendy or “insightful” read 🙂 so yeah, so chick lit was in there. Best!

  33. This is a random topic but id love to hear what sentimental things from your childhood and your kids’ that you keep. (I find myself wanting to save CLOTHES from high school for my daughters lol 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  34. Very excited for all of this! I love When you share what is coming up on stories for thr day, i love when you style one item many ways, and of course the amazon Posts! Blessings to you in 2019!

  35. Sounds great! One of my big giaks for this year is to read more as well. We strictly limit screen time for the kiddos, so it only makes sense i do it for myself as well!

  36. i lOve this new outline! One thing i’d love to see more of in the new year is Home Decor purchases! I love when you shop at marhsalls and show us all Your great finds! Happy New year!

  37. I love this idea of daily topics! I for one will def be looking forward to your motherhood tips! As a mom to a 17mo considering (and terrified) of eXpanding our family, You are such an INSPIRATION and full of Good ideas!

  38. I’m Looking Forward to your reading recommenDations!! I love to read and i love to read books, actual real life turn the page books!! Would love a good resource PerSon! ThanKs and i Think you are awesOme!! Keep up the good wOrk!

  39. This sounds so great! I love it all! Im not into “resOlutions” either- more like setting goals, and not needing a new year, week or day to start. Potty training posts, momiform (comfy and functional, but still stylish) clothes, and anything that makes mom life easier (ex: tommy tippie pouch bibs ftw, happy tot yogurt pouches, eCt). Thank you lYNZy! Looking forward to your 2019 content!

  40. SUPEr excited for the new set up! I also cant wait for the OTK boots post, I’ve been wanting to buy a pair but dont know how to style them.

  41. Looking forward to 2019 and all that you post!! Your quirky Fun personality and all your ideas are wonderful and useful! I just started following you a bit ago and aM so glad that i Found you! Good luck to you in 2019 in all yhat you do. May it surpass your expectations!!

  42. YES! I need to know what to wear every day lol…I work in a very casual job, I could wear leggings and a sweatshirt everyday and no one would care…but I feel better when I look better! But I dont have a crap ton of time (hellooooo 2 kids in 2 years) to plan outfits. I am totally looking to be able to put together multiple outfits from all the stuff I have, mostly stuff you have shown/recommended bahaha. So I am on board!! woohoo 2019!

  43. Love it all! Your personal goals sound a lot like mine, especially thE having more patience with the kids! Huge focUs For me this year. And i love the organIzation and breakdown Of the weekly content. Love knowing what to expect!

  44. Patients is a biggie for me as well and a goal I set for myself, too. I love your content because you Are real and relatable! When i was little i used to watch QVC for fun, now i look at your feed and watch your stories for fun lol. Happy new year!

  45. 1,2,3 Magic is a great read! I need to re-read it and Re-impleMent it into our routine again. It worked wonders for my oLdest child who has adhd and is often explosive behavior wise.

  46. You are amazing anD i love All your idead above! Cant waiT to hear more about your workout routine (specifically mom friendly ones that i dont havE to leavE the house for) and honeslty just excited for everything you will be sHaring! Love that you are here to help others not just push products on them! That means so much!!! Muah!!! 😘😘

  47. Love this! Particularly the books and focus on taking time for ourselves as moms to be more patient and better parents.. I’m working on patience as well… I’m not sure why I’m telling you this since i haven’t told Anyone, BUT…I screamed at my 7 year old In a crowded theater the other day, I was So embarrassed after because I saw a girl I know from high school..:( Aaand this is why I never judge any PARENt, ever 😉

  48. First, I wanted to say that I usually shy away from lifestyle blogs because the consumerism kills me. however, I appreciate the intention you put into sharing what works for you + have REFERENCED your blog many times for advice. I feel as if you put a lot of thought into what you say yes to as far as sponsorships, as well as give honest advice about items vs just saying to buy it all. Thank you! Second, I would love to see you share more about your daily routines and rhythms and even meals and how you manage to do it all from a practical mindset. PS – I am not sure how i ended up in all caps but it’s too late to go back and change it. LOL I promise I am not yelling at you.

  49. I follow your ig, and absolutely love how down to earth your post are. Your “2019” blog post is wonderful. I appreciate that your first goal for the new year is to have more patience with your kids – that was the first thing on my list of goals for the new year. I also like that you are dedicating each day to a specific topic, keeps it interesting! I am super excited for your posts about how to style a particular item 20 ways, so excited for this because there are many items in my closet that i only know how to style 1 or 2 ways, thanks for being so real and fun to follow! Happy new year!

  50. Thank you for all that you do. and thank you for keeping up and making your blog a priority. due to my full time work schedule, i am on my computer all day, so i am unable to be on my phone, instagram,etc., and so i am able to keep up with what you do on your blog through my computer. I love being able to see your content still, even though i miss some of it through the other outlets, i still get the majority of it through the blog and emails. thank you.