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Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Bras

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As you may remember, I’ve been trying out a new line of bras the past few weeks and I have to say that I am loving this wireless classic nursing bra! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bra to wear underneath my “fancier” clothing and to work! I wanted a bra that I could also easily pump in. I wore it to work yesterday and I was able to flip the cups out and down to fit my pumping bra right over it – super easy! I also love that it has the clasp IN FRONT rather than in the back, it just makes it so much easier. I have found that this bra fits very true to size and you can also take their quiz to find out exactly what size you need. The best part?! You can TRY this bra for a MONTH with the tags off and if you aren’t satisfied with it, just ship it back! All you do is pay $2.99 for the shipping! 

My Classic Wireless Nursing Bra


Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. tells you everything you need to know about nursing bras and more!

Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Bras

Despite what most people think, there is no real hard evidence that states that an underwire is linked to any lactation issues such as clogged ducts or mastitis. It is however, important that you have a well fitting bra since the reason that most women DO experience clogged ducts or mastitis is because their bra is ill-fitting. Once you are nursing, your cup size can fluctuate drastically leading to your bra not fitting properly. You should also make sure that while you are wearing a bra, nurse or pump when it is time to do so and don’t wait. The fuller your breasts become, the more likely you are to fill that bra out and you don’t want to end up with a clogged duct. I would personally recommend waiting 2 months or so (read more about that here) before purchasing a more expensive nursing bra with an underwire for a few reasons:

  • Your breasts will be more regulated with milk production by then and this will make purchasing the right size easier
  • I prefer to wear an underwire bra for more support but only after the first few months of regulation

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. tells you everything you need to know about nursing bras and more!

One of the most popular questions I receive is when you should measure myself for a properly fitting nursing bra. My best advice? Wear the “sleeping” bras that don’t require a cup size or nursing tank tops in the beginning weeks while you are still fluctuating. This will allow enough room for the supply and demand and ensure that you don’t get a clogged duct or mastitis in the meantime! My favorite nursing tank tops can be found here (they sold out of most colors)! I lived in a nursing tank for the first few weeks and wore it underneath everything. 

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. tells you everything you need to know about nursing bras and more!

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. tells you everything you need to know about nursing bras and more!

What I love about ThirdLove is that they have the 1/2 sizes as well. This makes it easier to get a better fitting bra! The fact that you get to try the bra out FIRST and send it back if it doesn’t work for you is what I liked best! No need to leave your house to get “fitted”! Just take the quiz, order, try on and keep/return! Motherhood made easy!

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  1. Do you have any recommendations for a brand who has large bust sizes? Pre-pregnancy, I was a 32DD and at 22 weeks pregnant, I’m a 34DDD. Who’s the expert in this area?

    1. I’m a 32DDD pre-pregnancy and at 16weeks of my third, I’m bursting out of the seems (still nursing my two year old). Soma has some options and I believe I saw some on pea in the pod. In my experience, I could also wear a 34dd interchangeable with the 32ddd. I will say the 32ddd feels better but I have a feeling, I will just have to up my band size and “go down” a cup to 34ddd – if I want to.find some options.

      Hope that helps!

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you. I am starting to feel like I need to get a more supportive bra, but I’m just not sure when I’ll know my true nursing size. I’m still only four weeks postpartum and have been wearing sleeptime bras with a nursing camisole during the day for support. I’ve heard such good things about third love nursing bras, and I really want to try one but I’m nervous to invest too soon and have my size change. These tips are super helpful. Thank you again!

  3. This is such a great post and such great advice. I am now weaning my 14 month old, but I never really found a nursing bra that I liked. I will definitely be referring to this when we have number 2!