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Every Mom’s Dream Gift || The Cordless Vacuum

This post is sponsored by Dyson and Shopstyle. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love!

The day that I was introduced to the Dyson cordless vacuum was honestly pretty life changing for our home. No more endless crumbs and trash all over the floor! Dragging out the heavy duty vacuum is something I do about once a week and I wasn’t about to drag it out more than that so this cordless Dyson has been a LIFESAVER on a daily basis. We hooked it up on the wall next to our washing machine (next to our kitchen) and I use it multiple times a day to clean up after we eat. Plus, have you seen our animals? THEY ARE HAIRY. 

We have the Dyson V10 but for this campaign, we tested out the V11 and I was able to gift our V10 to my parents! 🙂 One of the features I love best about this version is that it gives you the battery life on top of the vacuum! How cool is that? If you put it into eco mode, you have about 60 minutes of running time which is longer than my V10! There are three cleaning modes, auto – eco and boost! You can use boost for those extra dirty areas! It’s also extremely simple to remove the vacuum contents which is always so painful with my standard vacuum! 

That big guy you see in the background there? HE IS THE REASON WHY I VACUUM SO MUCH. Ha! But we love him dearly. I was so excited when Dyson reached out, and I asked them if the new V11 model would be on sale when I featured it. They told me it would, so I am SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU that the V11 is now $200 off on dyson.com, plus you’ll get free tools worth up to $75 when you auto-register your machine!

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This gift is the perfect gift for so many on your list, especially if they have pets and/or kids! I don’t know how I would keep my house clean without it! 


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