Episode 21: Navigating Screen Time With Kids To Foster Positive Relationships with Andrea Davis - Lynzy & Co.

Episode 21: Navigating Screen Time With Kids To Foster Positive Relationships with Andrea Davis

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If you follow along on Instagram, you may know that limiting screen time is a huge passion of mine. We are living in a technology-driven world, and while there are many great things that come from it, there are also so many dangers – specifically when it comes to how it affects our relationships with ourselves and others. There are simple things that you can change to decrease screen time and increase your ability to be present and connect. 

Andrea Davis and I have a conversation around our experiences with technology and how we do, or don’t, incorporate it into daily life. Andrea guides us through having the tough conversations with your children around limiting time on devices and how that can really pay off in the long run.

Andrea Davis is a former secondary ed teacher turned screen-time-navigator. She is the founder of Better Screen Time where she shares family-tested ideas from the (tech) trenches as a mom of five. She is on a mission to help parents worry less about tech, and connect more with their kids. Andrea and her husband, Tyler, live in beautiful Hood River, Oregon where they love spending time outdoors as a family.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The benefits of setting our devices aside
  • Involving our spouse and kids in creating a tech plan
  • Practical ways to talk to your kids about technology 
  • Having the skill of self-awareness 
  • What happens when we let our children be bored


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Questions answered within this episode:


  1. What are the benefits of setting our devices aside?
  2. How can we work with our kids to create a family tech plan that the entire family can live with?
  3. What does a tech plan look like?
  4. How can we help our kids withstand the peer pressure when their peers have phones and they don’t?
  5. How do we help our children understand boundaries around technology? 
  6. When should screen time be introduced and for how long?
  7. Are all devices created equal?
  8. If reducing screen time feels overwhelming, how can you get started?