Episode 20: Hear From a German Citizen and Midwife on Prenatal and Postnatal Care - Lynzy & Co.

Episode 20: Hear From a German Citizen and Midwife on Prenatal and Postnatal Care

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I hope you have been enjoying hearing from mothers around the world! Today we hear from a woman who was born and raised in Germany. Julika is a wife, mom of three children, and has been a midwife for the past 14 years. At the time of this interview, she is on maternity leave with her seven month old baby. 

Julika is sharing all about prenatal and postnatal maternal care that is given in Germany. What’s most amazing to me is the on-going postpartum support that women receive in their own homes. I would love to hear what you find to be the most fascinating after listening to this interview!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Julika’s experience in school as a child
  • Prenatal and postnatal standard of care in Germany
  • Details of German midwife support
  • Maternity leave options for mothers and fathers


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Questions answered within this episode:


  1. What are schools like in Germany?
  2. Do young children go from place to place independently?
  3. What was your birthing experience like?
  4. In Germany, is there a lot of postpartum breastfeeding support provided?
  5. After giving birth, how long are you typically in the hospital before going home?
  6. How often do midwives come to your home during the postpartum period?
  7. Is all of your care covered by universal healthcare?
  8. What is the standard for maternity leave? Is that fully or partially paid?
  9. Is your job still waiting for you when you return from leave?
  10. When are children taught English?