Episode 17: A Canadian Mom Shares Her Experience with Midwife Care and Universal Healthcare - Lynzy & Co.

Episode 17: A Canadian Mom Shares Her Experience with Midwife Care and Universal Healthcare

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Today we’re continuing my “mothers from around the world” series! In this episode, I’m chatting with Jessica Matson. Jessica lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario. She talks about her incredible experience using midwife care, which included several in-home visits from them postpartum. Sounds amazing, right? Wait until you hear about her maternity leave! We also dive into the details of universal healthcare.

Jessica is a mom of two, currently on maternity leave. In her non-mom life, she works in user experience for an insurance company. She also loves running. At the time of recording in May 2021, Jess is working on surviving lockdown in Ontario, as it has some of the strictest restrictions in North America!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Prenatal and postpartum care in Canada
  • Universal healthcare and what that looks like for new moms
  • Childcare costs and the possibility of universal childcare
  • Maternity leave in Canada vs. the United States 


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Questions answered in this episode:

  1. What are the current restrictions in Ontario? 
  2. How does Canada handle prenatal care?
  3. Have you ever had any trouble securing appointments with universal healthcare?
  4. Do OBs and midwives work together?
  5. What does postpartum care look like in Canada?
  6.  How easy is it to automatically get enrolled in universal healthcare if you move there?
  7.  Do you have to pay for childcare or is it government funded?
  8.  With universal healthcare, do you have to pay anything out of pocket?
  9.  Are medications astronomically expensive?
  10.  How long is maternity leave?