Episode 16: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures In How They Treat Postpartum Women ft. Tracey Agnese, MD - Lynzy & Co.

Episode 16: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures In How They Treat Postpartum Women ft. Tracey Agnese, MD

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Episode 16: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures In How They Treat Postpartum Women ft. Tracey Agnese, MD

Have you ever researched the differences in postpartum care around the world? It is fascinating to see how different things are, such as paid maternity/paternity leave and expectations of a mom after birth. Today I’ll be chatting with Tracey Agnese on this topic. We’ll look at postpartum care globally, how certain cultures differ from one another, and what we can learn from that information. Stay tuned for future interviews with women from around the world to hear their experiences! 

Tracey Agnese, MD, IBCLC has been a Pediatrician in private practice NYC for over ten years. As a Pediatrician and a mom, she knows how difficult it is to have and care for a newborn baby. She also knows that new moms often neglect taking care of themselves, and wants to help change that. Dr. Agnese provides online educational resources for new moms on how to take care of their newborn baby. She also focuses on showing new moms how important it is to take care of themselves from the start.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Common themes among other cultures when it comes to postpartum care
  • How postpartum traditions in the U.S. vs. other cultures affect breastfeeding
  • What the U.S. can learn from other countries and vice versa
  • How PTO affects the health and well-being of a mom and baby 


Questions answered in this episode:

  1. What are common themes among other cultures outside the US when it comes to postpartum care?
  2. In other cultures, what is the mom’s responsibility during the postpartum period?
  3. What is the partner’s role in other countries?
  4. How do you think postpartum traditions affect breastfeeding?
  5. What do you think we, in the US, learn from other parts of the world when it comes to postpartum care?
  6.  Is there anything about these postpartum cultures that makes it harder for the new mom that we wouldn’t want in the US?
  7.  What should moms do to feel so supported after birth?
  8.  How does PTO affect the health and well-being of a mom or baby postpartum?
  9.  Do we know why other countries have better paid maternity leave than the US?
  10.  What can we do if someone wants to advocate for a better length of time for maternity leave?
  11.  How does postpartum hemorrhage data compare in the US to other countries?
  12.  Can someone from the US move to other countries to take advantage of their postpartum healthcare?



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