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Ep. 01 || What to Expect During the First Few Weeks of Breastfeeding


Today we’re chatting all about one of the most common motherhood topics: breastfeeding. As a first time mom, the idea of breastfeeding can come with a lot of pressure. Despite being told it’s the most natural thing we can do, when it comes time to feed our baby for the first time it can feel like the total opposite. While there isn’t anything you can do physically to prepare your body for breastfeeding, educating yourself on what to expect can make all the difference.


My guest today is easing some of the anxieties that are formed around breastfeeding and answering all kinds of common questions so that you can feel more prepared during those first few weeks of feeding your baby. Karrie Locher is a postpartum and nursery RN and mama to 3 young babies. She loves educating on all things motherhood including breastfeeding, babies, postpartum care, and mental health. Karrie and I are breaking down the difficulties that come with breastfeeding and how to handle some of the challenges that moms face. We both share our own breastfeeding experiences as well.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ways to gently wake up a sleeping newborn to feed
  • Common challenges new mothers face while breastfeeding
  • How to help your baby get a good latch
  • Helpful tips on what to do if you have an oversupply or undersupply of milk
  • Whether or not you should avoid alcohol while nursing
  • What to do about clogged ducts and how to avoid them
  • Understanding what hunger cues are and knowing what to look for
  • The difference between hindmilk and foremilk

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She has worked as a Mom/Baby nurse her entire 8.5 year nursing career! She offers a breastfeeding and Bringing Home Baby course all about general newborn care and getting home with your baby.

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