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Eating Schedule at 7 Months

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One of my most frequently asked questions is what Miles’ eating schedule at 7 months is like. We are falling into a new norm now that we introduced solids, so I figured I would dive into that a bit today! Before I do, I have some REALLY exciting news for you! So many of you have been requesting that Stonyfield lowers the sugar content within their yogurts and they have ANSWERED your request! They just launched their new YoBaby Banana Mango with NO added sweeteners! Just in time for Miles to try some out! They are starting out with this one flavor and will eventually be removing them from the other flavors as well. As you can tell below, Miles really enjoyed the whole milk yogurt with probiotic benefit!

Baby Eating Schedule at 7 months old

A few of my favorite facts about Stonyfield is that they use PLA cups which are plant-based. This means that the yogurt packaging has a lower carbon footprint and this makes me so happy! I also love the texture of their yogurt because it’s thick and creamy, which is easy for baby to feed to themselves! 

Baby Eating Schedule at 7 months old

At 7 months we are averaging about 5 nursing sessions and 2 solid food feeds per day. Our schedule is never exactly the same but this is roughly what it comes out to! Here is a little example:

7 AM Nursing Session

9 AM – 11 AM NAP

11:15 1st solid food 

12 PM nursing session

1 PM – 3 PM NAP

3:15 2nd solid 

4:00 Nursing Session

5:00 cat nap

7:30 Nursing session, Bedtime

1 Nursing session overnight, although, he really tries to push the limit here and sometimes we end up with 2……. ha!

Baby Eating Schedule at 7 months old

The important point to understand is that every baby is different and that month to month, week to week and even day to day, things change. Sometimes they will want to eat more and some days they will eat less. I have found it extremely comforting to go with the flow and respond to my baby’s cues rather than anything else! 

Baby Eating Schedule at 7 months old

I would love to know about your baby’s current feeding schedule in the comments below! Let us know the age as well! 🙂 

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  1. My baby will be 9 months old on April 6th and around 6 months we started cereals and I quickly realized he is very similar to my daughter and preferred bits of food as opposed to purée. So BLW we went again. He is basically eating everything we are these days with the few exceptions. I still sneak the odd purée now and then when I’m not prepared lol.

  2. My little guy is almost 6 months, we started oatmeal at 4.5 and some puréed veggies at 5. Some days hes totally into it and some days he’s not and I let it be, you’re totally right about following the baby’s cues! But I think we will also try blw once he hits 6 months, he seems to enjoy holding the spoon and feeding himself so we’ll see how he likes that. But for now he nurses when he wakes up around 6 then 830 takes about an hour nap we do oatmeal then he nurses after that, he seems to have it like dessert hah! Then another nap around 1130-12 also around an hour then whatever vegetable we’re trying, some more nursing and then he likes to take a longer nap in the afternoon around 3 nursing before sometimes during and then bedtime routine starts around 730-8 and we still have about 2-3 feeds at night.

  3. My lil guy is 5 1/2 months old. We have been following Moms on call schedule, it has worked great for us! We are on the 4-6mo schedule. We started solids at 4mo. Skipped rice cereal and oatmeal bc he had a reaction, and went straight to fruits and veggies.

    7am bottle
    8am fruit
    9am nap
    11am bottle
    12 veggie
    1:00 nap
    3:00 bottle
    4:00 snack (veggie or fruit)
    5:30 catnap
    6:30 bath
    7:00 bottle
    7:30 bed

  4. My 8.5 month old little girl is in no rush to eat solids. She’s tried puréed and Greek yogurt but prefers nursing. This makes for one REALLY tired momma.

    0830 Bottle (Mom @ work)
    09:15-10:15 nap
    11:30 Bottle (Mom @ work)
    1:15-2:15 nap
    2:30 Bottle (Mom @ work)
    4:30 nurse
    5:30 Catnap
    7:00 nurse
    11:00 nurse/ 3:30 nurse

    She’s also started refusing her crib. 😭😭

    1. My 6 month old also refuses his crib now too! I travel for work and am blessed my mom comes with me so I can bring him. But I think he got spoiled my hotel to beds and sleeping with me so he doesn’t want to sleep on a cold and flat crib mattress!

  5. Our little man is turning seven months tomorrow!! We started solids around five months, but just a bit here and there and now we’re on a more regular schedule and he’s eating more. But nursing is where he still gets most of his calories.
    7-730 wake up and nurse
    830 or 9am solids-fruit, greens and whole milk kefir and some soft boiled egg yolk—no white yet!
    9:30-10:30/11am nap
    11am nurse
    1230 nurse
    1pm nap
    3/3:30pm wake and nurse
    5pm solids-veggies, sweet potato, etc and we’ll start organic, grass fed, free-range beef or chicken this week
    6:30pm nurse
    7pm bedtime
    We make sure there’s fat in every meal and he’s still eating purées. Somewhere in the day he gets a couple oz of warmed homemade bone broth in a bottle too.
    Check out the book Nourished Beginnings. It’s so good!! We got it as a gift and love it.
    You’re great and your kiddos are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

  6. My baby is 6 and a half months and our schedule looks a little something like this:

    7:30am wake up & bottle
    8:30am breakfast
    9:30am nap
    12:00pm bottle
    1:00pm lunch
    1:30pm nap
    4:30pm bottle
    5:00pm dinner
    7:00pm small bottle
    7:30pm bedtime

    *most nights she sleeps through the night but I think she might be getting some teeth so some nights she’s up.
    We started cereal at 4 months because she was feeding every hour and I was pulling out my hair! Then started introducing food around 5 months very slowly. She has about 3 tbsp of pureed food as well as something she can feed herself at each meal.
    At her 6 month appointment the doctor said she was small and needed to gain weight… I am pushing bottles as much as I can and we tried pulling back on food but that wasn’t helping the bottle situation so I figured some food is better than no food… we do what works for us! 🤷

  7. My 7.5 month old daughter’s schedule always changes by the time she wakes up. Sometimes she’ll wake up around 530-6 so she will have just a bottle at that time. But other than that her schedule will go mostly like this
    730-8a—– fruit puree with oatmeal
    815a——– 4oz bottle
    1130a——– veggie puree with multigrain cereal
    12p———-4oz bottle
    345-4p—– 6 oz bottle
    645p——- veggie and meat puree
    8p———4-5 oz bottle
    Sometimes she’ll have a bottle in the middle of the night. Around 2-4am. And of course that changes the whole schedule. Bedtime is later for us (around 9ish) because we both get home between 6-7 from work. Thankfully both work schedules permits one of us to always be with her. But we both want to spend time with her before bedtime.

    1. So glad there is another 9pm bedtme! Our 5 month old has always been a 9 o’clock bed time. By the time my husband is done with work he loves it because he can spend time with her

  8. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! My daughter turns 6 months old next week and she’s been ready for solids so I’m trying to get started. We were going to try BLW and we have it a shot last night with sweet potatoes and it was TERRIFYING for me. With my first daughter I puréed and made all of her baby food so I’m not used to having to worry about a texture they roll choke on. ANYWAY… I don’t have time to make all of my second daughter’s food homemade this time so I’m thinking I just need to buy a really high quality (and affordable) baby food.

    QUESTION: do you give Miles a bottle during any of you other solid food feedings? We are strictly breast at home this time too which is different for me. I’m used to handing a bottle to the kid to have with their solids.

  9. My little one is 10 months and eats pretty much everything we do (with a few exceptions). I still nurse her in the morning and she has 3 bottles throughout the day.

    This is our schedule.
    Nurse 7
    Breakfast 8
    Nap 930-11
    Nap 2:30-3:30
    Bed 7

  10. Our daughter will be 6 mths old in a couple of weeks. We followed her lead and started solids about a month ago when she became extremely interested in food. Her main source of nutrition is still from breast milk and formula (we combo feed) so solids are really just for exploring texture and flavors-not for calories just yet. I use the beaba to make her food myself and it’s super easy! She’s had mostly vegetables with the exception of bananas and avocado. So far her favorite are turnips!

    This is what our schedule usually looks like!
    7-730- Nurse
    10:30- Nurse
    11:00- Solids
    1:30- 6oz Bottle
    5:00- 6oz Bottle
    6:00- Solids
    7:30- 6oz bottle
    8:00- Bedtime
    1:30 am/5am-Nurses

  11. My baby just turned 7 months and we had been doing both BLW and some spoon feeding. She isn’t really into the food thing. We have only been doing it at dinnertime but I realize after reading that I should be offering it to her 2-3 times a day. I exclusively pump so she drinks between 20-24 oz a day. She goes to daycare 2 days a week. We have been offering her a new food every 3 days and I am not mixing it with old foods so I am really unsure how to do all this plus she started getting eczema around her neck so we are also monitoring for food sensitivity.

    I will take any recommendations on meals, how often, what to give etc….

  12. Also , how do you get your babies to sleep 7-7, I see a lot of people have that schedule. Mine gets up between 5am-6am and goes down between 6:30-7; she usually gets one night feeding which I want to wean