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Easy DIY Farmhouse Sign

This months DIY post is by my lovely contributor, KARA. Once a month some girl friends and I take turns hosting craft night, I am thinking this will be the perfect craft the next time I host! I hope you all are loving this series as much as I am! If you have made anything from the DIY series, Id love to see them!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Sign

I’ve been admiring laser cut farmhouse signs for awhile now, but most of the time they are so expensive I find it hard to pull the trigger, so I decided to try my hand at making my own. It honestly could not have been easier and I’m excited to share this fun DIY with you today!                                                         What you need:

• Premade blank wood sign
• Unfinished laser cut wood letters
• Spray paint
• Super glue
• Pencil

I purchased my laser cut letters from Etsy, you can find them here. Etsy is a great place to find
them, especially if you are looking for a specific phrase. You can even get custom letters cut if
you want to do a sign with a name or unique word/phrase. Hobby Lobby also has some great

Hobby Lobby is also great place to find premade wood signs. I found this one there for $12.99,
and with a 40% off coupon it came out to less than $8! They have a few different sizes, and
you can also find similar ones on Etsy. You could also make your own but I love how easy the
premade signs make this project!

I suggest picking a flat/matte paint for this. I chose black because I love the contrast of the
black and white. Also, make sure you pick a super glue with a fine tip – you’ll want to be
precise when it comes time to glue!

Start by spray painting your letters (or ask your husband to do it like I did). We did two coats.
Most laser cut wood letters will have dark edges that I think are really pretty! We left the edges
as is and focused the paint on the top of the letters.

Next, line up your letters where you want them (you could use a ruler and get really precise but
I eyeballed it).

Use a pencil to make a very small mark that will help you put the letters in the correct place
when you start gluing. This may be different depending on the shape of your letters, but I found
it was easiest to make a mark at the beginning and end of each word.

Turn your letters over and place a SMALL amount of glue in several places. Choose the thicker
parts of the letters where you can. Super glue is very strong so you DO NOT need a lot. Less is
definitely more. I did 3-4 dots of glue per word.

Do one word at a time and place them carefully on your wood sign. I found the super glue gave
me just the right amount of time to adjust the letters a tiny bit as needed before it started
drying completely.

I absolutely LOVE how this sign turned out and I can’t believe how easy it was! Not sure where
it’s permanent home will be, but likely over our door frame!
I hope you have fun getting creative and making your own sign! The options are endless and
I’m already brainstorming what my next sign will say!
Thanks for reading!


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