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DIY Evergreen Hoop Wreath

This holiday DIY Evergreen hoop wreath is brought to you by one of my new blog contributors, Leslea! Leslea will be one of our DIY contributors and I am so excited to see what she has in store for us! Today’s post on how to make an Evergreen Hoop Wreath is perfect to make for yourself or as a gift for someone else this holiday season! My overall goal with my new contributor section is to bring you fresh, new content that you haven’t seen before. I love having a well-rounded blog that focuses on many different topics that might strike your attention! It has been a dream of mine to have contributors for a few years now and I truly believe that I have gathered up some of the best! I am beyond thrilled to have Leslea on board with us and I hope you are too!  



DIY Evergreen Hoop Wreath

Hello! I’m Leslea from A Heart Filled Home. I live in California with my husband and our four girls. On my blog I write about DIY and budget friendly home decorating.

Christmas time is here, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is my favorite time of year and I love to decorate our home for the holidays. This year I wanted to create a simple and easy DIY Christmas wreath to add to our home!

I love making wreaths from embroidery hoops. They are the perfect base to start your wreath, and are super budget friendly! The raw exposed wood gives them a wonderful texture and a modern look. After a quick trip to Michaels I gathered up my materials and was ready to get crafting!

Materials needed:

Embroidery hoop

Floral wire

-Scissors/wire cutters

Greenery picks


-Hot glue gun & glue

How to create a Christmas hoop wreath:

First you will lay out your greenery on your hoop to get a visual of how much greenery you want to add. I tried a couple different arrangements until I found the one I liked best. Then you will take your wire cutters and cut apart your greenery and arrange the pieces where you want them to go.

Next you will start using the floral wire to attach the greenery to the hoop. I added greenery to each side until it looked even on both sides. You can also add hot glue to keep them in place if you’d like. The hot glue will really help prevent the pieces from moving and shifting.

Then you can create your bow for the center. I used a super simple method that just requires tying the ribbon to create a bow. First cut your ribbon to a long length – I cut mine to 20 inches long. If it ends up being to long after it is tied, you can trim the ends until you have the length you want. Then you will make to loops and tie them over each other, like you are tying shoelaces. Pull both loops tightly to create your bow, and then fluff and stretch the loops and ends.

I used some hot glue to attach the bow to the center of the wreath to finish it off. I love how it turned out! There are so many possibilities to how you can make your own wreath! You can find so many greenery and bow options to create the look you want!

For hanging purposes, you can add a loop of ribbon around the top for hanging on a hook, nail, etc. Just add some hot glue to attach the loose ends together or tie a tight knot. For mine I added a nail to the inside of my closet door and placed my ribbon on the nail and draped the wreath on the other side of the door. You could also use a command hook instead of a nail if you don’t want to add a hole to your door. Super easy!

I love the buffalo check ribbon that I found at Michaels! It brings a fun holiday feel to the classic pine greenery!

Thanks for reading, friends!


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  1. Love this!! My mom is the diy queen and she made me one for My front door with a metal hoop! I need some like this in my house!!