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Day to Day Makeup Routine

To set the record straight, I am NOT a beauty blogger and I am NOT great at applying makeup but I get a ton of questions about my makeup routine so I wanted to put an updated version here on my blog for those of you that are interested. I don’t like wearing a ton of foundation or makeup in general so it’s pretty fast and low key! 

Day to Day Makeup Routine

Day to Day Makeup Routine

This picture is completely untouched, no filter and no crazy FaceTune stuff — just a REAL face 😉 

ONE | Under eye Concealer | Tarte Shape Tape – I tried Beautycounter’s under eye coverage but it just wasn’t that great. I am hoping they come out with a better one! This shape tape is the best there is! This one from QVC also comes with the blending sponge!

TWO | Overall Coverage | Dew Skin (no. 2) from Beautycounter – has SPF in it and by far my favorite coverage I have ever found. If you want double coverage, I know a ton of people who combine this with the tint skin! My tube lasts about 8 months (literally forever)!

(I started off last year switching over the products I use the most to Beautycounter. I feel so much better knowing that the ingredients aren’t harmful. My favorites are the dew skin, body lotion & wash, cleansing balm & sunscreen. Those are the products I use daily and the ones I switched over to first since they are my most used products!)

THREE | Blush | I have two I love from Beautycounter’s line! This satin blush in guava and nectar! In this particular IG story, I am wearing guava!

FOUR | Eye Brow Enhancing in taupe | Yes, finally caved and bought something that defined my eyebrows just a TINY bit after being convinced by someone at Sephora 😉 I don’t use this every single day but it’s amazing and very subtle so I like it. This is the brush I use to apply it!

FIVE | Eye Liner for bottom | I use the brown hue!

SIX | Liquid Eyeliner for top | I have this in my cart right now! I have been wanting to make the switch and my old liquid liner is almost out! I’ve heard great reviews about it!

SEVEN | Eyelash Curler | On days that I have NO time for anything, I just curl my eye lashes. This is by far and away my favorite one I have found in my 20 years of curling eyelashes 😉 

EIGHT | Eyelash Primer | Just started incorporating this and LOVE it. Gives definition to the eyelashes and keeps them curled longer IMO

NINE | Mascara | I have tried WAY too many mascaras and this is by far my favorite.

TEN | Eye Shadow Palette | I splurged on this Beautycounter palette last year and I LOVE it. There are so many color options/combinations and it has a ton of the earth tones that I love! They don’t have the huge one that I have anymore – which is actually awesome because it was twice as expensive – I linked the one with the colors I love in it!

ELEVEN | LIPS | If I am feeling fancy pants, then I wear this liner here in color: glace and this lip gloss in color: bare shimmer from Beautycounter! Sometimes I add more of a pop of color with this lipstick in the color brunch from BC!


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