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Current Morning Routine

This post is brought to you by QVC. I was compensated by QVC for this post. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love! 

Taking you through my current morning routine today while showcasing one of QVC’s TSV, which is the Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Ribbed Shrug Cardi! If it’s feasible, I set my alarm for 4:15 (I KNOW, I KNOW – crazy) so that I can hit up Orange Theory. My days are much more productive when I start out with a workout! After that, I come home and shower/get ready before the kids wake up. The little man is sometimes a part of that plan since he wakes up at the crack of dawn. It’s been life changing getting in a workout and being ready by 7 am, I tell ya! 

Current Morning Routine

Today’s TSV over at QVC is this adorable Barefoot Dreams Cardi and you all KNOW how I feel about BFD – they can do no wrong. Ha! I was a bit unsure about this one until it arrived in the mail and I just LOVE it with a long sleeve tee underneath it that drapes longer than the cardi! It’s SO cute and adds a little extra warmth in the colder months that are still upon us! It would also look really cute over a basic spring dress too, if you wanted to dress it up a bit! I am wearing size Small/Medium and think it’s the perfect fit!

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5-7 am (depending on hubby’s schedule): WORKOUT & Getting Ready for the day

AT 7 am, it’s GO time. I whip up breakfast, usually veggies with eggs, toast and some fruit! I make the kids lunches while they eat (they take three times as long as I do) and then the girls go upstairs to get dressed for school while the little man and I clean up. After that, it’s time for school drop off and then I try to do work 3-4 times a week from 930 – 130. This is when I do all my blogging. I typically try to get it done during this 15-20 hours during the week but there are always exceptions, especially during busy times of the year. 

For the afternoon, my 3 and 1 year old still nap for about 2 hours while my oldest occasionally naps or has quiet time until 4ish. At 4, I begin dinner while the kids either a.) run around and play or b.) help me cook! We eat relatively early so that we can do bath time afterwards! They have an early bedtime around 7 pm and then it’s WIND down time! 

The morning hustle is HARD, no matter which was you look at it. Between the breakfast, lunches, getting ready (yourself and the kids), it’s a miracle we are even able to get out the door on time! I swear that getting up early than my kids HELPS, so if you are able to do that – I highly suggest it! You don’t even need to work out if you’re not into it. Just relax, meditate, pray, read scripture, write your to do list, whatever it is to get your mind ready for the day ahead! 


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  1. Love this daily routine! I work from home and have a 1 year Old and I thrive off of schedules and routines (i need to work on being more SPONTANEOUS 🙈) but since hAving my little guy, i have completely fallen off of my workout schedule. Maybe getting up a few hours before he wakes up could help me get back on track! Thanks for the advice! 🙌🏻

  2. Kudos to you for keeping yourself on sCheduLe so you get me tIme, kids times and somehow fit blog/work and hUbby time! Plus you look great and stay healthy . I am a grandma and i trY and stay healthy but you are Encouraging me to tRy and get back on the strength and exercise track. Have fun and enjoy life. BabIes grow too fast to not AppreCiate it like you do! 💕

  3. Do you still work as a nurse? What’s your schedule as a registered nurse if applicable? Are your doing your bloging as a full time job?