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Current Fitness Routine

As we near the end of 2018, I know many us are thinking of ways to get ourselves into shape for the beginning of 2019. Now that I am no longer pregnant or breastfeeding (first time in over 6 years), I can finally push myself over the limits when it comes to exercise. I worked out during all of my pregnancies and while nursing but it was never to the extent that I was working out pre-children. I worked out cautiously so I didn’t affect my milk supply or pregnancy. I am working in collaboration with Finish Line today to tell you about my current fitness routine and my plan for the new year! 

Current Fitness Routine

I’ve been wearing the same sneakers for a few years now and since I love to run, it was about time for a new pair! I picked up these adidas UltraBoost running shoes and they are beyond what I expected. I have always opted for the best running shoes because I put a lot of mileage on them and these measure up very well. They have great ventilation which is great for when it’s hot out! I also love the style of them because they also look great with loungewear/ every day wear!

I recently started going to Orange Theory classes and I was a bit skeptical during the first class but was hooked by my third! It is the best workout I have had in years and it FLIES by while you are there! I love getting my workouts in early and I typically go to the first class of the day. It feels great to have it done right away and be able to be productive the rest of the day. I love the science behind the workout and it’s a great challenge trying to get those splat points up! I have been able to push myself more than I have in the past 6 years and it has been a great addition to this busy holiday season (a great stress reliever). I currently do this 1 hour class 2 days a week and plan to do a bit more in the new year. 

Since life is crazy busy right now with the holidays, I plan to incorporate a bit more into my fitness routine when the new year approaches and life calms down a bit. My goal is to do 2 days at Orange Theory and 2 days of yoga/light weights/HIIT training! I would love to know what your fitness goals for the new year are in the comments below!


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  1. I woUld love to learn yoga at home. But i have restrictions due to having fibroMyalgia, lupus and neuropathy…. i am 56 years Old and retired. I watch my handsoMe 15 month grandson who keeps me very active but i would like to get in better sHape so i can Keep up with him. Any suggestions?