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Current Fitness Routine with lululemon

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After having my third, I swore that I would try to get into the best shape of my life. I had dedicated almost 6 years to growing and nursing babies and I knew that my mind & body needed some time to be taken care of. I still have a long way to go when it comes to making  healthier food choices but for the most part, I am VERY proud of how far I have come in about 8 months. Throughout this post I will talk about what I have been doing for a fitness routine and my pelvic floor postpartum. Grab a cup of ‘jo and let’s hang out! When you get to the bottom of the post, I would absolutely love if you could tell me what you are currently doing for a fitness routine and if you have any great suggestions for healthy meals/snacks!

Current Fitness Routine with lululemon

What a dream this blog post is for me. Working with lululemon has been a goal of mine since I started blogging 11 years ago, I nearly fell off my chair when they reached out to collaborate. lululemon is one of those brands that has the BEST quality for activewear/leisurewear and these shorts are what I have been searching for! You all know my love for the “biker short” trend and I wanted a pair that I could work out in that also had pockets for when I go on runs! These subtle camo shorts are the perfect length and also have pockets on BOTH sides. I am wearing size 4 and they fit perfectly. I find that I am typically size 4 in everything from lululemon – just to give you some sizing reference! 


I am featuring two tops within this blog post and the first is this adorable crop tank. It’s extremely breathable and I love the way it fits, especially with these shorts. It also comes in a few different colors. The other top is a twist back which is so cute! I LOVE the neon trend that is happening right now so I was immediately drawn to this top. It’s also very breathable and great for those outdoor workouts in the summer when it is sweltering outside! These tops both fit TTS and I am wearing size 4 in both! 

The sports bra has a very pretty criss cross back and it’s extremely supportive for power workouts and runs! Lots of support! As for the belt bag, YOU KNOW MY LOVE FOR THESE! I just wore this one on our 6 mile hike two weekends ago and it was AMAZING. I threw my cell phone in there along with a few other things and slung it across my chest while I was running. LOVE it!


As for Orange Theory…..

I have been asked many questions about it and if it’s the only workout that I do. It is for the most part! I try to go 4 times a week and mostly in the early morning (5 am) when the kids are still asleep. I LOVE starting my day out with a workout, it gets it off on the right foot every time and I am more productive throughout the rest of the day! I am going to share my body stats before I started Orange Theory and then what they are now. I share these simply because, THE SCALE IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AT. EVER. My girl, Nancy Anderson talks about this a lot but it really is SO IMPORTANT. 

Before OT stats: 

Weight: 118  |   Jean size: 27   | Tops: Small

After OT stats:

Weight: 123   |   Jean size: 26   |   Tops: XS/S 

I have NEVER in my life been in a size 26, I have always been a 27 so this was crazy to me! Recently I went to buy shorts for summer and was surprised when they didn’t fit at all! I have never felt stronger and I ditched the scale a few months ago and I will never step on it again. 

Fitness Q&A

Recently in my stories I asked you guys what you wanted to know so I am featuring some of the questions below: 

1.) Do I need to be “in shape” before starting Orange Theory?

NOPE! You go at your own pace and everyone is at a different pace. It DOES NOT feel like a competition!

2.) At home workouts for diastasis recti?

I HIGHLY recommend Nancy Anderson’s Ab rehab – it is INSANELY good and SO helpful when it comes to the pelvic floor! I have a coupon code that you can use for $10 off here: Lynzy2019

3.) Third trimester workout help….

I highly recommend prenatal yoga as it is immensely helpful mentally as you prepare for birth. I also went on short jogs and long walks in my third trimester which always helped boost my spirits!

4.) How long did you wait to become active again after babies?

I didn’t start working out at “full strength” until about 6 months post partum as I tried to work on my pelvic floor first. I had a lot of tail bone issues and eased into it. I didn’t start OT until 1 year and a few months after my third. I made sure that my tailbone pain was 100% better and that my pelvic floor was conditioned enough to handle it! I did walking/yoga/light strength workouts until the 6 month mark.

5.) Do you follow a nutrition plan as well?

I try to eat healthy 50% of the time but I really cut myself a break here as I am STARVING after OT workouts. I do strive to eat a bit better though to be honest! I want to be healthier about my choices!

6.) Do you do separate strength training as well? I am a runner and struggle with this!

Orange theory focuses on endurance, strength and a combination of both so it includes the strength training too. Honestly it is so important because you cannot build up your muscle otherwise! 

7.) Figuring out a new routine post baby. I love the gym and my routine and fear that I will lose that.

I would give yourself that break for the first year and fit it in whenever you can. It can be difficult especially if you are nursing since getting up early can be uncomfortable working out with tons of milk! I would fit in a workout here and there whenever I could and then once my third was sleeping through the night, I went back to my early AM workouts. They are the best! 



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  1. So cool, you & lulu!!! Love that. I was a runner/really fast walkeR. Joined tHe gym about 9 months agO, newbie, and love everything about it. I’ve taken step class, zumba, fav is hiit. Love combining the cardio and weight training.

  2. I love this post! I started at a womens only gym last fall and my body has changed so much and i love it!!! I am 5’10” and have always been thin but thin didnt equal fit. Now i weigh more than i did before and honestly went up one sIze in shorts, but i love the Muscle i have been building and tHe curves. I finally feel confident and actually sexy and after 3 kids and the last being a c section, that is an amazing feeling!

  3. Love this post! I had my sEcond baby almost 4 months ago, and i feel like the weight is really sticking around compared to the first. PostparTum body Image issues are no Joke! Since i’m NUrsing and The new babe isn’t sleeping through the night, finding a workout routine has been really difficult. But having Workout clothes that you look forward to wearing and make you feel good Honestly makes the biggest difference! Thanks for always beIng so Open And transparent!

  4. I have always been a runner but i never lost aNy weight and actually gained training for a marathon. I loathe weights but did my first OTF class 2 years ago and have been hooked! I started woRking again this last school year and i WASN’T consistent and couldn’t find that WorK/kids/workout balance. Getting back on track this summer and its my goal to do better this year. Now to work on the diet part…

  5. I love reading this post- it’s so helpful to hest about what other moms are doing to workout and be healthy. What i used to do before motherhood is not something i could now exactly (schedule wise) so modifying that has been a struggle for awhile. Then just finding other people to kind Of do it together with and also starting small has been what works for me. Seeing relatively fast resuLts from muscle memory has been great too!

  6. Great post! I’ve been doing yoga and walkinG. I wish i could run, but i broke my back and can’t handle Working out too hard. I’ve got the super healthy whole foods eating down, thanks to an AUTOIMMUNE disease. I can not wait to get my body stronger!!

  7. Ive recently joined tHe World of WOrking out ☺️..and can now completely unDerstand why people do it😅..but really ive always been small but not strong and eat healthy meals 5 out of 7 days..Ive doing beachboDy at home and really love all the workouts so far🤩

  8. your post completely resonates With me! It took me over a year to get back Into my pre-baby clothing. Two years later, i continue to work on it by doing any type of exercise i can to close my apple watch 500 calorie move goal. Honestly, i have finally come to terms wIth the fact that i will always have a jigGly stomach because i like pIzza and beer, and thats okay! I Can’t dedicate the time to having the “peRfect boDy.” but, i Can Make the time to stay active, even if it is simply hopping on my spin bike at 8pm While I read or pulling my son in his wagon around the neighboRhooD.

  9. Love this post! I could not agree more with DITCHING the scale. The number means nothing! It is so hard as maMa’s to take that much needed me time! So thankS for the ENCOURAGEMENT!

  10. Well congrats on lulu! Thats amazing! As far as my fitness routine, I practice what i preach.
    I stick to effIcient, effective cardio workouts 2 times a week and do strength training 3 times per week. I have a nutrition plan that i created and i follow that gIves me the best bang for my effort and keep my hormones happy. Lets face it, being a
    Pa-c like you, a nutritionisT and trainer, running a BUSINESS, being a wife and mom of 2, and in my forties… lets just Say, hormone regulation with NUTRITION is key and working smarter not harder is my motto!

    1. Love this post!
      Ive started nancy aNdersons post partum workouts Thanks to you – and it is amazing!

  11. I love your REALNESS and you inspire me so much. I know I need To start getting up and getting the workout in before the kids get up! I wish i lived closer to an orange theOry because it sounds really fun!

  12. Bravo! I HAVEN’T owned a scale in years. People look at me like i’m nuts when i say that. My opinion is that using a scale as a measure for your overall health and fitness is a huge self defeating mistake. I turned 50 this year And i’ve honestly never felt better in terms of strength. In october i will have been participating in the only organized exercise class that i have ever stuck to for 4 years: Jazzercise! Ironically Jazzercise just turned 50 this year too! 😉🎉 i make the time to go to class 4-5 times each weEk because i finally understand that i’M worth the investmeNt! I weigh more than i ever have (aside from pregnancy) but i’m also entering the early stages of menopause – changes are going to happen and i have begrudgingly made peace with those changes. I was always a size 2 and sometimes smalleR, but i am now wearing a size 6 in most brands. It’s a number, but it doesn’t define mE – i won’t let it! I am an almost 10 year breast cancer survivor and i am thrilled to be strong and healthy! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your real life with us. Oh and my fave treat is nonfat plain greek yogurt with raspberries, bluEberries, a sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of pure local honey – delish!

  13. Love this post! I got my first pair of lululemon leggings for running in march, and they are amazing. I am a Para ice hockey player and runner so I run twice a week, play Hockey onCe a week, go to otf once a week and then we Actually have a workout group at work so i work out with them once a week too. I love orange theory and find that it’s great cross training for both hockey and long distance running!

  14. Love this post; thank yoU! I have a 2yo and 3 month old at home and am trying to figure out when i can fit in worKing out and it is a Challenge! My husband just started me A membership with Street Parking so that I can do workouts at hoME whenever I find the time so we’ll see how that goes for now. I previously was a very active CrossFit member and loved the classes and group atmosphere but with the 2 girls at the ages they Are now getting to classes on time Is not practical.

  15. Love this post!
    Ive started nancy aNdersons post partum workouts Thanks to you – and it is amazing!

  16. loyal lulu lover here 🙋‍♀️I’m a runner and I own way too much! What a dream Come true For you— You deserve it. Im glad they recognize how much tHe Rest of us love you.

    I would love to join orange theory but there isnt one close enough to me—hopefully some day. Ive heard awesome things.