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Current Favorites from Nordstrom

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January is always a really tough month for me. It’s freezing cold and the weather doesn’t allow us to get outside very often and I LIVE in leggings since everything else is too difficult to wear with the weather. I cannot wait for it to warm up a bit so we can get outside again! It’s also pretty disappointing that we haven’t gotten very much snow. I personally LOVE the snow this time of year and if it’s going to be FREEZING then it should be snowing because otherwise it’s a waste. HA! There have been a few items that I have had on repeat lately from Nordstrom and thought this was the perfect time to share about them in today’s post! 

The sweatshirt I am wearing in this post is one that I spotted from across the store when I went into Nordstrom on Tuesday! I love the cropped look to it and we went to Copenhagen this past summer (to visit my cousin) and loved it! I plan on wearing it with leggings, dresses and skirts! I am wearing the size 2!

First, these maternity leggings that are currently 40% off! These are the 7/8 length ones and I also got the ones that are full length – the live in leggings that I loved but in the maternity version! I really love BOTH of these and for different reasons. The 7/8 ones are great for working out and I love those pockets, for the price of these you really cannot go wrong and if you’re pregnant, these are a must have in the 2nd/3rd trimesters. As far as the full length maternity leggings, I love these because they don’t have pockets which makes them more every day wear and even dress up ready whereas the 7/8 are more loungewear/activewear in my opinion! I wear leggings SO much when pregnant that I really don’t mind spending the money on them because I definitely get my moneys worth! 



Next up, my Natori bra! I LOVE this bra so much! I have a nursing friendly version and a regular version (which by the way, Nordstrom will convert into a nursing bra if you want for under $20!). This is by far my favorite bra I have ever come across! I highly recommend wearing a bra WITHOUT a wire for the first 6-8 weeks of breastfeeding since your breasts will fluctuate quite a bit with the milk production and you don’t want to interfere with that with a wire (can possibly cause mastitis)! I feel like most nursing bras are ugly and bleh but this one is just so feminine and pretty! 



A few other items from Nordstrom that I currently have my eye on: 





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