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Current Exercise Routine in the Second Trimester

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Ever since I posted about the align leggings during my legging review, I have had SO many of you recommend these leggings instead for my Orange Theory workouts! I was really excited to put them to the sweat test for this campaign and review them with a baby bump for you all! These leggings are made with Lululemon‘s  Everlux™ fabric which is a fast drying fabric that manages heat and sweat so that you can stay comfortable during your workouts and perform at your best. This post will give you a breakdown of my exact thoughts as well as my current workout routine! 

Current Exercise Routine in the Second Trimester

Finding leggings that are supportive while ALSO having enough stretch for the bump can be tough when you’re pregnant! I am not ready to switch over to “Maternity leggings” at this stage (I hate that extra fabric over the bump) and feel much better in non-maternity leggings! I was excited to try out the Wunder Train leggings because I heard that they are GREAT for high impact but I did have some reservations on how they would fit with the bump. I was FLOORED when I tried these on! They slide right on (a necessity for a woman and a big ole pregnant belly) and they fit the bump PERFECTLY. I wore them to OT a few times already and they pass the squat test and I never once had to adjust them! The fabric is perfect for those high impact workouts where you sweat a lot but want to be comfortable too! I usually wear a size 4 so I sized up to a size 6 for the bump and they fit perfectly! In my opinion, lululemon runs a bit smaller so I am typically a 2 (not pregnant) and usually wear a 4 in their brand! Just to give you context on sizing! 

I was also impressed with the tank top! It’s the PERFECT length for the bump as it grows and it has giving fabric! I will definitely be able to wear it all the way through and it’s supportive too! I went with a size 6 in this as well! The zip up hoodie is also a size 6 but won’t be able to zip with the belly for much longer 😉 

Leggings | Tank top | Sweatshirt | Hat 

My goal after my third pregnancy was to get back into the best shape that I could. Arguably, I did get into the best shape of my life (even more so than when I trained for a marathon after college) with the help of Orange Theory. I joined at the tail end of 2018 and I swear I was sore after every single workout for 8 solid weeks! I didn’t think I would ever build up the muscle I needed and eventually I did! I knew I wanted to have a fourth baby but I wanted to feel strong and in control of my body again first. I wanted this fourth pregnancy to be my healthiest and “most fit” pregnancy to date. As I get older, I know how important physical exercise is and how important it is for your growing baby as well! I have stuck with this workout since I found out I was pregnant and didn’t modify much until my belly started to grow. I have since stopped all ab exercises, planking, etc. I just ditched the rower last week at 21 weeks because I wasn’t able to row properly and I was nervous I would pull a muscle or injure myself. In its place, I walk uphill (10 incline, 4.0 without holding on) OR use the stridor. I was IMPRESSED with how insane that stridor is, it’s difficult! 

My plan is to stick with this workout until the end, god willing. I feel so blessed to be able to be healthy and work out 4 days a week with no restrictions! I have had restrictions with prior pregnancies and that was a valid concern I had but so far so good! It feels GREAT to be able to move my body every day even though its tough to do! 😉 

I would love to hear more about your current workout routine in the comments below! 


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  1. So motivating! I worked out at OTF THROUGH TWO PREGNANCIES AND LOVED HOW IT MADE ME FEEL. I love how you can go as hard or as relaxed as youR bOdy tells you. Keep it up mama!