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Current Exercise Regimen

This post is written in collaboration with Adidas & ShopStyle. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love working with!

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have been trying out a few new exercise programs and figuring out what we want to have in our home gym. We never had one because we both went to gyms outside of our home but for the unforeseeable future, we will be working out from home! We decided to invest in a few pieces of equipment and I will tell you my favorite workouts in today’s post with Adidas. The ZX 2K Boost sneakers are the absolute best for working out at home and for every day wear! I’ve even been wearing them for all my runs (indoor & outdoor). They have excellent heel support and their comfort is like no other! They created this sneaker based off of the A-ZX that was originally released in 1984. It takes that design and updates it for a modern look and I just love their throwback colorways! If you need a pair of cute and comfortable sneaks to chase your kids around all day long, these are perfect to wear all day every day!


It’s been quite a few years since I ran outdoors in colder weather because I was either at Orange Theory or at a gym. Since I try to run outside whenever possible, I needed to invest in a few running pieces that aren’t bulky but can still keep me warm. These high rise compression leggings are built for the cold and they also come in some really cool colors too! I also use these for our hikes on colder days as well. They run a tad small so size up if you are unsure. The sweatshirt runs TTS and really caught my eye – I just LOVE a cropped sweatshirt! The one I’m wearing is almost sold out but adidas has some similar options still available!

Adidas ZX 2K Boost sneakers|| high rise compression leggings  || sweatshirt  (similar sweatshirt)



I am going to list out the various different workouts that I have been doing below. I never stick to just ONE thing because I get bored easily and I like to trick my muscles so that they never get to used to one workout. 

Ab Rehab || This was the program I started back in August after Mags was born. It’s NOT just to rehab your abs/core but also to strengthen your glutes/hips/back and more. All of these things are tied to your core and will help to strengthen that pelvic floor too. Truly, I think it’s one of those things that should be covered by insurance and suggested to every postpartum mama! I finished my 12 week program but I am STILL incorporating the breathing techniques and some of the workouts (especially glutes)! 

Peloton || We have the Peloton bike and LOVE it so much. I love the sense of community it has and the competitiveness that I get with myself and trying to match or beat my outputs each time. The coaches on there are fantastic and it’s been a lot of fun. I also use their app for their bootcamp workouts (strength and running) and strength workouts. It’s awesome!

Move Your Bump || This app has the ab rehab in it and it also has workouts for mamas PRE baby, during pregnancy and POST baby. It’s extremely comprehensive and I really love it! 

A few of the accounts I follow on Instagram has some awesome workouts as well which I will list out below:





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  1. I just gave up my gym membership and am looking at getting the peleton. Baby number 2 on the way and figured it will not be realistic to get out to the gym for a while. which bike do you have?