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Courageous Moms | Meet Lilly

I hope that by meeting these courageous mothers that have navigated their way through the toughest of circumstances, they can be uplifting and encouraging to those of you who may be experiencing the same. If you ever want to submit your story for consideration, you can always email me at: with a little snippet of what you would love to talk about! 


Hi my name is Lilly I’m 31 years old and now mother of 2 beautiful little girls. The story I like to share isn’t
an easy one but it taught me a valuable lesson and that’s called “faith” Every pregnancy is different and
has challenges but hopefully my story inspires others to trust in a bigger power and no matter what we as
mother will always fight for our children. 

Since I was a little my biggest dream was to be a mom. I was 25 when I got married and living in Cabo
Mexico as an English preschool teacher, I felt I had everything I ever wanted. As soon as I got married
the first thing I wanted to do was have children and fulfill my dream. So, 1 try and BAMM I’m pregnant.
The excitement was indescribable but that soon changed. My husband and I decided to get checked
before we announce the great news. Here we are two happy newlyweds ready to see our baby but the
doctor saw something a little weird in the ultrasound on my left ovary and thought something was off, so
she told us to come back in a week and to just wait to tell our family since she wanted to confirm the baby
was indeed ok. I was a tad concerned but I understood, 6weeks into being pregnant she sent us to
another doctor to get a special ultrasound at this point i knew something was just not right. In a couple of
hours, we go back to our OBGYN and she tells us that I need surgery that it’s possibly atopic pregnancy
and my health is at risk. At this point I wanted to just cry and question why this is happening to me and
how am I going to call my parents in the states and give them 2 announcements that I was expecting but I
needed emergency surgery in another country. Little did I know this was just the beginning of this journey.

On September 22, 2011 I go into surgery chances for my little 6week growing baby to make it are 10%
since I had to be cut open as a C-section surgery to get to that ovary and give the baby a better chance of
making it. Surgery went ok and after recovery I had to go and see my doctor to talk about pregnancy after
2 weeks. I’m sitting at the doctor’s office and my husband holds my hand and the doctor says “the surgery
was successful for the baby however” my heart drops she says they found cancer and it was very
aggressive and it was a miracle it was taken out so quickly due to my pregnancy. I took a minute to digest
but then she says “you need to start treatment and your baby will not make it and you possibly won’t be
able to have kids”  

When I heard the news that I wasn’t going to be a mom I felt that my whole world ended. In my head I can
deal with cancer but the fact that I can’t have a baby or keep this little human being that saved my life was
just something I couldn’t bare. I left that office with so much conflicting emotions a “why me” and “how can
I overcome this” my best bet was that I needed to be with family and go back to the states and get other
opinions. In 4 days post recovery I was back in the states. When I landed I got from my family was hugs
and support but also no one wanted to say the word “cancer”

I was in the Bay Area and met with the best Oncologist OBGYN and gave them samples of my biopsy
and all medical records about my surgery. The oncologist said I needed to start treatment right away and
possibly get an abortion. At that moment I felt a sense of peace and I strongly said NO, I remember
looking at my mom and husbands face as if I was crazy. I continued with my pregnancy and I knew I had
to fight for this little human and that I had to have faith. I prayed and went to an eastern medicine doctor
and followed his instructions and changed my food intake and did everything I could in my power. 
Couple weeks passed and again did some testing and the oncologist looked at me and I looked at her
holding my tummy and said “I have faith that my test will be lower and I don’t need treatment” so I took
the ovarian cancer test (CA125) and ultrasound and it was indeed lowered the doctor was shocked.
The first battle god decided to put in this crazy journey was done. It was a high-risk pregnancy but baby
was ok and I continued my faith to fight for this little human. Little did I know another curveball was going
to hit me. 

It’s now May 15th and my “aahhh haaaa” moment was finally going to happen and I was ready to meet
this baby girl but I felt that something was off. Here I am in the hospital bed waiting to meet this miracle
baby that I fought against all odds for and I find out that my husband is having an affair the day we are
having this baby. My heart sinks and all these emotions causes me to have complications and I’m rushed
into surgery and get a C-section. Luckily baby and I are ok and here I am broken but I looked at this baby

face and I know I have to be strong, so I leave everything behind at 26 years old with a newborn baby
and still dealing with medical issues and start from scratch and leave everything behind as a single mom. 
I felt so hopeless I remember just crying out to god and said “I don’t know what your plan is but man your
testing me! my heart is broken my journey has been hell but you gave me the greatest gift and no matter
how much you put me through I will always be in debt with you for giving the gift of becoming a mom and
so whatever it is my focus will be on this baby girl and showing her how strong her mommy is”
I started working at baby being 2 months old and built a career and focused on becoming the best Mom
to my daughter. After all of this I do have a happy ending I PROMISE! I met my now husband that took in
my daughter as her own. Now I have my beautiful 5-year-old miracle baby and now a gorgeous 19-week-
old baby girl with only 1 ovary left and a somewhat “normal” pregnancy with taking cancer screenings
every 6 months.

Looking back at my story I can’t even believe my journey but one thing I know is somehow through it all I
kept my faith and fought and struggled with gods mercy and grace. No pregnancy is easy and everyone is
somehow fighting a battle during or after a baby but we are all strong women and no matter what we
overcome it for our babies and Faith.

Lilly Sharlow

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