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Comprehensive Legging Review

This comprehensive legging review that compares the best leggings at different price points is my favorite blog post that I have ever put together! So many of you suggested some great pairs and I made sure to take everything into account for this review and rated them all accordingly with pros and cons for each! I have ONE favorite that’s a more expensive pair and ONE favorite that is a less expensive pair. I also take into account leggings that would be best for working out, lounging, every day, maternity, etc! 

Comprehensive Legging Review || Best Leggings At Different Price Points

1.) Athleta Ultra High Rise Powervita Legging


Cost: $89.00 and occasionally a sale will happen (Don’t worry, I am on it when it does!)

CODE: AP192CA4T2 for 20% off one item!

Activity: EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. I have worn these every day with sweaters and for high impact (sweaty) workouts with running and strength training!

Pros: Hugs you in all the right places and makes you feel and look slimmer (IMO), VERY easy to put on and off – they GLIDE on your body, wash and wear well, and you can wear them for your every day to high intensity workouts without them sagging or having to pull them up!

Cons: NONE – I swear they are the very best – ha!

Overall Rating: A+

other items in the outfit: tank | sports bra | sneakers

2.) Fengbay Amazon Legging


Cost: $17.99

Activity: Every day and working out!

Pros: Pockets on either side! They are SQUAT proof. They are made of acrylic and , same as the athleta leggings! 

Cons: They don’t have that same slimming effect that the Athleta leggings have. The fabric feel is a bit different but overall, AWESOME for the price here! 

Overall Rating: A

other items in the outfit: top 

3.) Athleta Inclination Moto Leggings

TIED WITH THE NUMBER ONE Athleta ones above

Cost: $98.00

CODE: AP192CA4T2 for 20% off one item!

Activity: Anything and everything just like the Athleta leggings I mentioned above!

Pros: They have the pockets unlike the other pair I mentioned! If you are a pocket girl, which I know many of you are – these are great! They fit EXACTLY the same as that first pair – same fabric and everything! I love these SO much!


Overall Rating: A+

other items in the outfit: top

(apologies for the dirty mirror – #kids)

4.) Colorfulkoala High Waisted Legging

Cost: $29.99

Activity: Best for every day and low impact workouts. They’re 75% polyester so they’re not really breathable for heavy impact workouts where you sweat a lot and the polyester will hold smells a bit!  I will say that MANY of you have these and say that they have been fine for higher intensity workouts as well! 

Pros: Cute fit – love the camo option! Easy on and off! 

Cons: Fabric contents that would prevent me from working out with them – more just for lounging and wearing for errands and such!

Overall Rating: B

other items in the outfit: tank | cardigan 

5.) Fabletics Powerhold Legging

Cost: $69.95

Become a VIP member and get 2 leggings for $24!

Activity: Exercise

Pros: EXTREMELY compressive. The name speaks for itself – haha! If you love compression, these are what you need! 

Cons: SO difficult for me to put on because of the compression and the fabric wasn’t my favorite. It feels like you’re trying to pull on a wetsuit. I did have many of you message me saying that they get better with each wash! 

Overall Rating: B-

other items in the outfit: camo tee  

6.) CRZ YOGA ‘Naked Feeling’ – Amazon Leggings

Cost: $24.00

Activity: Every day/Working out

Pros: Stayed up during my workout, squat proof, love the camo print! Perfect length (I am 5’4)

Cons: I don’t really like how they duplicated Lululemon’s tags – ha! Looks like you bought Lulu, but you didn’t 😉 Made of Polyamide & Spandex – not as much breathability here. They also have a weird crotch thing happening – like it doesn’t hug in that area the way that it should – very hard to explain unless you have them on but worth mentioning here! 

Sizing: Wearing size small and they run TTS

Overall Rating: B

other items in the outfit: sweatshirt | sneakers

7.) Lululemon Align Legging

Cost: $98.00

Activity: Best for every day and low impact workouts. They’re 75% polyester so they’re not really breathable for heavy impact workouts where you sweat a lot and the polyester will hold smells a bit! 

Pros: very comfortable, easy to throw on and off

Cons: Price is steep and they never have sales unlike Athleta which will frequently have 20% off one item! Mine are WAY too long but I have the 28 inch ones, I would get the 25 inch ones which would eliminate this problem! I also don’t like how they hold up during a workout but they are more made for yoga than anything else so that is why!

Sizing: they run small. I was wearing size 4 in Lulu before getting pregnant (and typically XS in everything else) I would most likely need size 6-8 now!

Overall Rating: A

*I will say over and over again that I prefer Athleta over Lululemon for many different reasons but if you want Lulu for working out, I would try these Fast and Free ones instead – I have these too and they’re great for working out but way too much compression for a baby bump!

8.) High Waisted Seamless Camo Leggings | Gymshark DUPES | Amazon

Cost: $26.99

Activity: Every day wear / Working out

Pros: These are nearly identical to the Gymshark leggings I have and they are less than half the price! They cinch in the butt area and make all butts look DANG good (trust me on this). They are seamless and able to be worn in the first trimester and most of second trimester! Squat proof! Great for length – more like a 7/8 length in my opinion!

Cons: They pull you in really nicely but don’t slim – they make you look more jacked in the butt and leg region than anything else – which I loved when I wasn’t pregnant but now kind of hate it! ha! 

Sizing: Overall they run small, I wore a size small NOT pregnant and needed medium once the bump was more apparent!

Overall Rating: B+

other items in the outfit: sweatshirt (runs big)

9.) Core 10 ‘Naked’ 7/8 Crop Legging 

Cost: $45.00

Activity: Every day & Working out

Pros: These are really great. They fit awesome throughout, easy to pull on and off. Squat proof! 

Cons: Price. If I am going to spend $45, I am just going to wait for a sale on the great Athleta leggings and spend $20 more to be honest!

Sizing: I am wearing size small, fit TTS

Overall Rating: A

other items in the outfitsweatshirt 

  • edited to add that I kept these and find myself reaching for them a lot. They are very equivalent to the Athleta ones if you are looking for a cheaper option and I really do love them now that I have worn them a handful of times!

10.) Zella High Waisted Legging

Cost: $59.00

Activity: Every day Legging

Pros: My favorite every day legging (prior to getting the Athleta ones)! I have worn these for over 5 years and really they are the best! Before I found the Athleta ones, these would have been first place for me. I even wore the regular fit ones (not the maternity) throughout my first two pregnancies! 

Cons: They aren’t the best for working out so they don’t have that versatility and I think you are better off buying the Athleta ones for $10 more! 

Sizing: I am wearing size XS, they fit big! Size down one! 

Overall Rating: A

other items in the outfit: top | converse

11.) Target ‘All in Motion’ Legging Line

Cost: Varies between $20-$40

Activity: Working out

Pros: I tried on three pairs of leggings from this line and hated them all – no pros here! ha! 

Cons: Everything haha but especially disliked the bottom of the leggings because it flared out and had so much extra fabric – such a bizarre fit!

Overall Rating: D

12.) Old Navy Elevate 7/8 

Cost: $32.00 with 30% off

Activity: Every day & Working out

Pros: They’re very cute! 

Cons: So many things. The fabric is TRASH, actual trash. The fabric has NO give to it whatsoever and they’re impossible to pull on. The fabric isn’t breathable. I could go on & on but these were a huge bust which is a shame because Old Navy has had some pretty great leggings in the past! 

Sizing: I am wearing size small, fit small

Overall Rating: D

other items in the outfit: Go-Warm Micro Performance Fleece Funnel-Neck Pullover|Faux-Leather SneakersLightweight French Terry Side-Vent Top

13.) Target – High Waisted Brush Leggings – Joy Lab

Cost: $34.99

Activity: Every day & Working out

Pros: The fabric is AMAZING and they are incredibly comfortable and easy to pull on and off!! ++great with a baby bump!!

Cons: I don’t think they’re great for a high intensity workout but they are great for every day, yoga and light impact workouts!!

Sizing: I am wearing size small, fit TTS

Overall Rating: B+

other items in the outfit: Thumb-Hole Sweatshirt  

14.) Target – Ribbed Seamless Legging

Cost: $29.99

Activity: Every day & Working out

Pros: Love that these are seamless, they work with a baby bump! I love the ribbed texture and they are easy to pull on and off. +squat proof

Cons: They did emphasize my variose vein in the back of my leg somewhat which I didn’t really like but I think that had a lot to do with the color of the leggings! 

Sizing: I am wearing size small, fit TTS

Overall Rating: B+

other items in the outfit: Twist Front Tee 

15.) Aerie Play High Waisted 7/8 Legging

Cost: $29.96

Activity: Every day 

Pros: I LOVE THESE LEGGINGS SO much! They are SO easy to put on and off – the fabric is awesome and best part is that the waistline is so seamless that they work with a bump all the way through pregnancy! They are a great every day legging and every one I ever talked with has loved these!

Cons: Sadly these would not work for high impact workouts because they won’t stay up! 

Sizing: fit a tad big, I have the XS but would get a small with a larger bump!

Overall Rating: A

Maternity Leggings (Workout, Every Day & Compression)

1.) Fabletics Maternity Legging

Cost: $89.95

Sign up for a VIP membership and get 2 leggings for $24!

Activity: Lounging, Working out

Pros: Fit really great and easy to pull on and off – love the fabric

Cons: HIGHLIGHTS any lumps and bumps and emphasized my varicose vein in back! Great for those of you without a big ole vein in back! 

Sizing: fit BIG, size down one

Overall Rating: B

other items in the outfit: camo tee  

2.) Zella Maternity 7/8 length

Cost: $38.90 on sale

Activity: Every day or working out

Pros: Compressive while still being comfortable

Cons: fits a bit big and fabric could be a bit more breathable

Sizing: I am wearing size small but they’re too big in the belly area right now – probably fine once the bump grows though!

Overall Rating: A-

3.) Zella Maternity ‘Live-in’ Legging – review coming soon!

Cost: $65.00




Overall Rating: 

other items in the outfit

4.) Terramed Compression Maternity leggings 20-30 mm hg

Cost: $36.99

Activity: Every Day

Pros: nothing

Cons: They attract ALL THE ANIMAL FUR. ALL OF IT. I cannot even stand it – haha!

Overall Rating: F

* won’t even go into much detail with these because they were COVERED in fur the second I took them out of the package and ain’t NO ONE got time for that. I do not suggest these at all. Besides that, they ripped off another company that I know of and that just isn’t right! SO I am listing them here to tell you not to buy them!

5.) Sculpt & Support Maternity Leggings by Bao Bei Maternity 

Cost: $98.00

CODE: Newtobaobei for 10% off

Activity: EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. So many of you suggested these as being the #1 best legging for pregnancy (and postpartum as well – they have a compressive version for postpartum!)

Pros: Glide right on, compression is great – not too much but enough to keep the leggings on and tight throughout the day! Don’t show lumps and bumps!

Cons: NONE – love them!!

Overall Rating: A+

6.) 2XU Prenatal Active Tights 

heard these are awesome for compression/varicose veins

Cost: $8o.00 on sale

Activity: Workouts

Pros: Excellent compression 

Cons: IMPOSSIBLE to put on, not properly made – seams are in weird places and overall, they fit AWFUL. I would not recommend these at all 🙁 

Overall Rating: D

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  1. I love this post, so helpful! it would be great if you could also compare leggings from companies like swetty betty or outdoor voices too! in the realm of higher priced leggings (athleta, lulu etc) i just want to make sure im making the right choice!

  2. Love this! Thank you! I see you do not include the Aerie “play me real” hIgh waisted. Is that because you no longer prefer them or because they would not be included With these CATEGORIES of leggings? Just curios, im 27 weeks with my first and living in my aerie leggings so far (thanks To your review oF them a while back) 🙂

    1. Hope I think those leggings are such a great alternative to the align leggings! I was surprised they didn’t make this roundup, too!

      Are these worn in XS unless otherwise mentioned? Trying to figure out my sizing.

      Thanks for taking on a tough roundup!

  3. What size did you try in the Fabletics leggings? I’ve heard these are great for POSTPARTUM and was thinking about getting some.

  4. Awesome review, tHank you! Can you Please tell me which leggings the terramed ripped off so i can buy the ORIGINAL ones?

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing comprehensive Review of leggings! It is seriously so helpful and I’ve Already bought some of tHe athleta ones. Quick question… a lot of people have talked about wearing the leggings through pregnancy and postpartum. Do they stretch out? I would hate to invest in a pair of athleta or lulu just To have them ruined during pregnancy. If that’s the case I’ll just go for one of the cheaper maternity ones for now. Thanks again for all you do for us ladies!