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COMMUNITY GIVING || Supporting Black Mamas’ Maternal Health

My heart has been drawn to this cause in the past 2 weeks more than anything ever before. I had no idea the significant disparities that existed between black & white maternal health care and it’s now become a huge focus for me. Did you know that black women are 4x more likely to die from childbirth?! A resource I have found to be helpful in researching this is Birth Equity. I am continuing to dive into more and more research and will share as I go (it’s a slow moving process with all the other moving parts we have right now)! I decided that it would be amazing to support one Black mama a month through her pregnancy/birth. This may be through an Amazon wish list with items for mama and baby, providing a breast pump, providing doula services, and more. I am sure that this will get nailed down more and more as we go but I want to start somewhere! If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section or shoot me an email! 



“I am in need because everything has been cancelled. It is tough to have to supply everything a baby needs in general never-mind when the support from friends and family isn’t able to be provided because everyone is struggling – we are in a pandemic! As a black mom I’m really focused at this point on additional stuff that is recommended to reduce the likelihood of maternal death – a doula, a care team not 100% covered by insurance. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of pregnancy related issues that have caused increasing needs in healthcare – like SPD which requires pelvic floor therapy and chiropractic care, something insurance just doesn’t pay for. I’m only partnered and not married. So it is hard to equally share when I only make so much to ensure baby is provided for. I’m already at 30 weeks and there’s a lot left to get!” -Amber 

Amber was paralyzed after being beat up by a man in a bar due to mistaken identity. The man got away with it and she is now wheelchair bound. She was in tears when she found out that she would be featured as one of the mamas for community giving this month and I am SO excited to be able to send her a little sunshine with all of you! I am looking into finding a photographer in her area for maternity photos as well as a postpartum doula at her request! She lives in Nashville, so if you know of anyone, please let me know! 
Amber’s Story in her own words:
“I was attacked by a stranger at a bar. The stranger pulled me down about 10 feet to the floor by my neck. I was then unable to move my legs. I’ve come very far with the help of an amazing physical therapy and wheel community. The perpetrator was apprehended but unfortunately accepted a plea and will serve no jail time or suffer any consequences. I’m very thankful for the journey though and am even thankful for the challenges being a wheel mom will bring!”


amazon list has been fulfilled!

AMBER’s GOFUNDME PAGE HERE (for hospital bills and bigger ticket items, stroller, etc that they need for baby!)

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  1. I think its wonderful. Wondering if yOu could aDd the ABILITY to bUy GIFT-CARDS on her list? I may not be able to buy a stroller but Gift cards add up if several buy them? Just a thought. ♥️

  2. Have you thought aBout reaching out to the east Family? (Shawn and Andrew East) they recent had a baby anf have loTs of resources. They lIve in nashville.

  3. Hello i am a doula in nashville and would love to help out if you haven’t found someone, i also know many other doulas. Thanks!