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Community Giving | Hurricane Ida


We haven’t done a community giving project in awhile and I know that there are so many that are left devastated by Hurricane Ida as it barreled through Louisiana and made it’s way up north. The families featured here were nominated by those in my community and just remember, a little bit goes a LONG way. Even if you can only send along $1, it all adds up. If you are in a place to help support and lift up others, please join us in the support of these families. 

1.) Tom Guidry 

Heather wrote to me about her brother, Tom. Tom lives in New Orleans and currently has no power and the sewer system isn’t working properly. He is single and works for a news station. Their protocol is that they cannot take “handouts” while working, so he goes 8 am – 10 pm working with no break and no food. He is surviving on PB & J sandwiches and is showering at night in the dark by flashlight. He is sleeping in his car occasionally to get some A/C while he sleeps. His sister would love for him to be able to get a hotel room for a night or two for a good nights rest and a shower. 

Tom’s Venmo: zoobafoo88 

2.) Jennifer’s Parents Home

“My parents were affected pretty badly by the affect of the hurricane in Rhode Island. They live across the street from a retention pond that is owned by their town and it overflowed into their yard causing their entire yard to flood and about 4 feet of water in their basement. This is the second time this has happened. It also happened 10 years ago and because we were in a state of emergency fema helped them. The town told my dad they fixed the problem after the last flood. Unfortunately that is not the case here. They lost everything in their basement including their furnace so they are without hot water, heat, very sentimental items, everything! You can imagine how devastating this can be after 39 years.  The damage also included the renovation they just completed for my brothers studio. My parents are on one income without flood insurance. The town is not helping. It would mean the world to us if the amazing community you’ve built could help out in any way. My parents are in their 60’s. My siblings and I are taking shifts to help them clean up the damage, and pump out the water. We are so blessed that no one was hurt and thankful that this happened before the cold weather! Hoping everyone else is safe out there! Thank you in advance for all that you do for complete strangers it’s truly overwhelming to see everyone come together!” 

Venmo: jennifergee5

3.) Bev

“I’d like to nominate my Aunt Bev for any type of support your followers can provide. Bev, her husband, her son, and 5 of her grandchildren live in a small home in Fairfield Connecticut. She has significant disability (a type of osteogenesis imperfecta) and has truly given her life by adopting and raising 5 of her grandchildren (spanning in age from 3 y/o-18y/o). Since most recently moving in the last 2 grandkids in 2020 one of the older teens moved into the basement. With hurricane Ida, the basement under came a flash flood and they lost everything including furniture, appliances, and all of the belongings to the teen living there.
This family has a heart of gold and have already been through so much. I pray we are able to help them in some way.”

Venmo: Beverly-Hair

4.) Kyleigh

Kyleigh has a two year old and a two month old and her trailer was ripped apart in the storm. They are currently sleeping at her husbands work.  A woman in her community group sent this information to me and she would be so appreciative of any help that we can give to her and her family

Kyleigh’s Venmo: krbilliot1

5.) Karissa

“I am writing because I saw your post about featuring families affected by local Ida damage.  I would like to nominate my nanny, Karissa, who lives in the Bronx with her family and is the sole provider for her two beautiful young daughters. Last night her basement apartment flooded and she lost everything. I could hear her panic when she called to tell me. She works SO hard to help and accommodate my family so that I can continue to commute to work in NYC to work as a Physician Assistant each day.  She came all through COVID while I worked in a Covid pop up unit in NYC, dedicated to helping my family despite it being such a scary and uncertain time. She continues to come now, even despite a concussion two weeks ago after she fell during the Henri storm, and her own medical problems.  I know how hard it is on her caring for her two daughters and working to provide for them .. so when I heard she lost everything I tried to think of ways to help her in anyway I can. Please consider featuring her! Thanks so much!”

Karissa’s Venmo: Karissa-Potenzo-2


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