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Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // HOME DECOR

 As promised, I will be breaking down my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and dividing into baby gear, kids sections, home decor and even the womens specific sections!  If you are in the market for a rug, throws or pillows – they have so many amazing picks during this sale and I put together my top ones! I scooped up the cable knit throw this year! That plush throw is super affordable and one of my buys from last year – I love it SO much! Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 // All of the best from the home decor section
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale / HOME DECOR PICKS
1.) Cable Knit Pillow / Cannot get enough of these cable knit pillows! They make a home so cozy!
2.) Sea Wave Framed Art / I fell in love with this the second I saw it. So serene and gorgeous!
3.) Eugene Rug / I just love the simplicity of this rug and the grey/ivory combination
4.) Barefoot Dreams Blanket / Because I am obsessed with everything Barefoot Dreams related, I had to include this throw! 😉 
5.) Allstate Agave Pot/ Love this for part of the home decor!
6.) Marlowe Rug / How gorgeous is the coloring of this one?! I wish I had a place for it!
7.) Stripe Rug / This is just like a rug we used to have under our dining table (before our dog crapped all over it) so I am yearning for this one because I just love those stripes!
8.) Insulated Tumbler / I have heard amazing things about this – maybe I finally need to get one?!
9.) Plush Throw / I have this at home and love it so much. It is SO soft and for only $25, it’s a steal!
10.) Treasure & Bond Rope Throw // Another throw that caught my eye!
11.) Cable Knit Throw / Scooped this up because it is SO DAMN GORGEOUS and I regretted not getting it last year!
12.) Crawford Ornament Rug / I love the blue hues in this one! White and blue – so classic!
13.) Nordstrom at Home Chunky Knit Pillow / Another version of the one above 🙂 
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