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The Best Nursing Bras, Nursing Bralettes & Strapless Nursing Bras

Finding the perfect nursing bra can be pretty intimidating, never mind trying to navigate through all the strapless nursing bras. After nearly 5 years of figuring out these bras, I am here to give you the low down. Now, the only important thing to remember here is that I am smaller chested (C when nursing) so if you are gifted with some big knockers, then you may need to take that into consideration with some of these. I do have some amazing recommendations for you lucky ladies too though! Here we go! 

The Best Nursing Bras, Nursing Bralettes & Strapless Nursing Bras

The best of nursing bras, nursing bralettes & strapless nursing bras

Let’s start with my favorite nursing bralette. Yes, a DEDICATED bralette that allows nursing to be feasible with a simple lowering of the fabric. I have heard that it’s really great for those that are larger chested as well. This is the bra I wear 80% of the time. It has no wires which is great right after delivery since it takes about 6-8 weeks for your body to adjust it’s milk supply and you don’t want anything restricting during that time! I wear a size small and I have it in three colors


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The best of nursing bras, nursing bralettes & strapless nursing bras.

This bralette is my favorite pretty bra. It’s not specific for nursing but I just pull it up to nurse. If you have big knockers, it will probably be difficult to pull up and over! It comes in a bunch of colors too! I am wearing size small. 

Love this bra for V neck tops! The lace peeks out the top and it’s gorgeous! Resembles a lace cami!  It’s easy for nursing, I just pulled up! It remains one of my favorite bras post partum as well! So pretty under tops!


I know a ton of you are wondering why I haven’t introduced a plain bra yet! It’s coming, I promise! I have TWO amazing recommendations for a great EVERY day bra. As I mentioned before, I DO NOT recommend wearing any type of restricting or wired bra until 6-8 weeks postpartum. Your milk is still adjusting throughout that time frame and you don’t want to restrict them! If they are restricted, it could possibly increase your chance of getting mastitis as well. 

MY FAVORITE NURSING BRA: This bra is INSANELY good. Not to mention that it’s gorgeous to look at too! I still wear this bra even though I am not nursing anymore! You can grab the regular version of this bra here

RUNNER-UP: I love the front closure on this bra! Excellent quality! I have the nude one and it’s great for your basic “tee shirt bra”! 


I haven’t forgotten you! I have heard AMAZING reviews from all of you about this gorgeous bralette below. Has awesome support. Size down for more support!

RECOMMENDATIONS from my community: 

This bra was recommended by quite a few of you and it’s a pretty dang good price!

Top recommended sports bra for those with large busts



I recently got this bra after it was recommended by many of you! I LOVE it and the fact that it’s a front closure makes it a great nursing friendly sports bra too!

Happy Shopping! 

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  1. Maybe I’m an idiot but I can’t find the link for the “big knocker” bralette. Help! I bought 4 of the first bralettes you suggested and it’s my fav to nurse in so far. It is difficult keeping the nips in sometimes, hence why I’m
    Asking about the other one. Lol!!

    1. I can’t find the link for the regular nursing bra for big breasts. The big knocker bralette is an American Eagle/aerie one. Didn’t work for me but might for you!

  2. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this awesome and mode plans for moms and here are incredible we can get a few hints from your story in the event that somebody read it appropriately. A debt of gratitude is in order for share with us.

  3. I am totally shriNking now but was a 32F AND THE AERIE BRALETTE IS AWESOME. For a regular bra i cannot say enough about Lively. They have wireLess and with wire everyday bras and they are amazing. (Sorry about all caps i dont know why its doing this?!). 🤣😊