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Basement Makeover

This post is sponsored by Crate & Barrel. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love working with!

One of the high list of priorities when we moved in was renovating the basement and it took us quite a few years but it’s finally done! It also took me awhile to get it posted on here because we didn’t really “furnish” it all until recently which was a dream come true with Crate & Barrel! You guys know how much we LOVE our Lounge II couch in our living room and I was SO excited to work together with them to furnish our basement with their Peyton Couch with chaise, which is a bit smaller than the couch we have upstairs! It’s just as amazing and we are absolutely in love with it! 

Before I show you some more after photos, I need to show you the before basement images! There was most likely water damage down here along with a musty smell that just wouldn’t go, we ended up going with all materials that are organic and wouldn’t attract mold and also had a warranty on them! The smell is gone and everything smells fresh and new! 

These were taken right when you turn at the bottom of the stairs and turn around to come inside. There was a VERY cute ballerina bar but sadly we decided it needed to go 😉 I have a few more of the other side to this view but we are still waiting to furnish that area so I will get to that a bit later on!

Couch || Throw || Pillows || Faux Olive Tree || Floor Lamp

I love added faux (or real) trees/plants to any room because it gives it color and dimension. I have always loved this gorgeous olive tree from Crate and Barrel and thought it would look really pretty in this space! Just because it’s technically the “kids space” doesn’t mean it cannot be tastefully decorated as well 😉 

The floor lamp on the opposite side of the couch balances out the faux tree but also adds some nice mood lighting if you don’t want the overhead lights on (like during a movie)! I LOVE the arc of it!
I am still working on the organization of the toys and such down here so once that is done, I will definitely post an update! 

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  1. Is it just me… or the basement doesn’t seem that bad in the before piCtures !!?? 🤣 sorry but it already looked ten tImes better then my baSement 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not sure why thats so disgusting… its just a basement