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Baby Thighs

{Olivia’s romper is by NUNUNU – a huge favorite of ours!)
As I go crazy trying to plan Liv’s first birthday party (this Saturday!! – although her actual birthday is not until the following weekend)
 I got to thinking about baby thighs ……..
Soon she won’t have those baby thighs anymore…. or those baby cheeks. This makes me ugly cry. Like who ever thought chunky little thighs would make you cry?! 
But, seriously… look at those rolls.


I love getting to see her learn new things every day, but I am so heart broken that she is growing up so fast. That month by month, she loses another roll. Those rolls are my little munchkin’s and they should never go away!
And those cheeks. If only I could continue to chomp on them. But by age 10, I think she will most likely want to take a swing at me if I do. 
The hardest part about all of this is watching her grow up so fast and loving every second but missing the previous moments at the same time. The exact definition of bitter sweet. 


Looking back at this year – we have been through so much. We have grown together as a family – leaps and bounds. She has brought me closer to my husband and we have experienced more love than I ever could have imagined. 



I will finally be sharing our birth story on her birthday (a week and a half from today). Until then, I will be chomping on those thighs!
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