Baby Bump Update // 39 Weeks - Lynzy & Co.

Baby Bump Update // 39 Weeks

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. at 39 weeks pregnant and her baby bump update for this week!

Baby Bump Update // 39 Weeks

Size: Baby is gigantic. MMMMM kay?
Weight gained: 38 pounds. I am steady at 160 (most likely because of all my trips to the bathroom this past week), which is the most I’ve ever weighed, but I am also incredibly thankful that my body is able to carry a third child with minimal serious symptoms. 
Weekly Appointment Update: As many of you already know, I went into the hospital late Saturday night thinking that this baby would arrive within a few hours. Contractions were 4 minutes apart for over an hour along with those shakes you get with hormonal changes and severe nausea. I thought for sure baby would arrive in the car on the way to the hospital but when we arrived, baby had other plans. Contractions eventually came to a screeching halt and we went on our merry way back home. While there, I was 3 cm and 80% effaced. At my appointment yesterday (39 weeks, 1 day), I somehow backtracked to 2-3 cm? Is that even possible? Someone help. HA! I looked at her with this puzzled look on my face, like “You cannot be serious?!” I swear this baby just crawled all the way back up there and has ZERO desire to join us here earth side quite yet! 
Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. at 39 weeks pregnant and her baby bump update for this week!
Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Lounge wear. This comfy set above by Belabumbum is one of my favorites and it’s perfectly lightweight for this summer heat! It’s bump and nursing friendly too! 
A few of my other current favorites for the bump:

Boy or girl?   So close to finding out!!! 🙂 
Nursery update…. It’s officially finished and you can view it here!
Pregnancy related Item I have loved this week: Red raspberry leaf tea! It’s my first pregnancy drinking it so I have no idea if it actually helps or not, but word has it that it preps your uterus for the labor and delivery! Stronger and more effective contractions, so here’s to hoping! 🙂 
1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Let’ see. Walking, getting out of bed, making it to the bathroom on time, breathing 😉 
Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. at 39 weeks pregnant and her baby bump update for this week!
Currently working on: My emotional stability in preparation for this labor and delivery. You can read all of my thoughts on this in my recent post here
For my other bump updates, you can head here:

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  1. Awe I had my 4th baby do that too me. Got to 5 cm and labor stopped and I went back to 2-3 cm . He edventually made his appearance!❤️

  2. I’m a labor and delivery nurse and it’s not that you went backwards it’s just you prob had 2 different examiners .. the dilation check is something that sort of varies between examiners persons 3 may be anothers 2-3 etc . But if someone said you are 7 another should never say your 3 that’s way too big of a difference 🙂 good luck it will happen!! Xo

  3. My 3rd baby was a floater baby(which they say is very common in 3rd babies) My baby would literally go into the birth canal and then back up from aubto day 🙄 literally so frustrating!!! I always hadthe same Dr examine me and I was was 3 one week and 1-2 the next. The good thing is…..You are almost done! God job momma

  4. I totally know what you mean with being scared for the birth! Our situations are similar where I got an epidural with my first and it only half worked, I went natural with my second and now with my third I keep panicking about the pushing part! I think it’s knowing what to expect is the scary part. The painful parts come back to taunt you but we are strong ladies and our pain threshold is built for this! You got this!

  5. I am compelled to share…we had our third a little over 20 months ago. That birth was my third birth without an epidural. Let me tell you, there was a moment when I was overwhelmed in humble awe at the power of those contractions. It was like the Lord had taken the power of all creation and placed it in my uterus for a wee small bit of time. I still cry to think of it. Was it painful? Yes, I believe the most of all three though memory fails in that dept. (as always). But what lingers is the power and beauty and grace of that birth. It’s like the motherhood of all history visits us for a brief time. An interconnectedness to history manifests which is inexplicable. I pray for you all, that this precious is born through His hands, our great Father. And I pray that my words bring some sort of comfort/encouragement/inspiration. You wee destined for this, may the miracle empower you! Sending love n hugs from GA.💕💕