Baby Bump Update // 37 weeks - Lynzy & Co.

Baby Bump Update // 37 weeks

37 week bump update with Lynzy & Co // Maternity Style in a breezy maxi dress
Dress // NON maternity from Vici Dolls (use code: LYNZY20 for 20% off)
Size: BIG. Let’s just keep it at that 😉 
Weight gained: Officially 160. I never went above 150-155 with my other two so I am feeling a bit uncomfortable with my weight gain this time around if I am being completely honest. The water weight in the summertime is no joke! As long as baby and I are healthy though, that’s all that matters! The finish line is almost here! 
Symptoms: Lightening crotch anyone? Those sensations are the worst part of the last few weeks! Thankfully I am feeling better this week and I am even back to my daily walks with Winston! 
Weekly Appointment Update: Against my better judgement yesterday, I had my cervix checked! For those of you that don’t know, they check your cervix from 37 weeks on to see how dilated you are! You can opt in or out! Honestly, it doesn’t really mean anything, I was just so curious to see! At this week’s appointment I was thinned out and 3 cm. I’d say that’s pretty good! I think it’s because of the contractions I’ve been getting lately! I am also GBS positive again (third time) and to be honest, I am relieved. If it’s positive, that means I head in as soon as my water breaks (which was what happened with the other two). I would be thrown for a loop if I had to time out everything and make sure I made it to the hospital in time with a third! ha! 
Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: These new pajamas that button up (perfect for nursing) and this cozy cardigan that I cannot believe is on sale! 

37 weeks in button up pajamas and a cozy cardigan
MUG available here 😉 
Boy or girl?   We didn’t find out! You’ll just have to wait along with us to find out 😉 
Nursery update….  IT’S FINISHED! I will be posting that this week! Stay tuned!
Pregnancy related Item I have loved this week: Red raspberry leaf tea! I just started drinking it to “prep” my uterus for labor!
1 thing I am currently having trouble with:   Anxiety levels in relation to delivery. I have NO idea why, but I am so nervous about this delivery! I am scared I won’t make it to the hospital in time and I am so nervous about pushing this baby out! Ellie was easy compared to Olivia but for some reason, it has me going crazy! It’s all the anticipation and I am working on trying to relax and putting everything into the hands of the higher power 🙂 
1 moment I loved about this past week: Ellie told me she “WUVs” me, which is HUGE because she’s a daddy’s girl and always says it to him and not me! She also came over to my bare belly and said baby!! ten gave baby a hug 🙂 
37 week bump update with Lynzy & Co // Maternity Style in a breezy maxi dress
1 thing I plan to do for myself this week:  Heading to Nordstrom again on Friday to do one last try on session for you all! Friday is DAY ONE of public access and I am so excited that you will ALL be able to shop the sale now! YAY!
Food cravings: Steak and Kielbasa. Weird.
Currently working on: This is not something that WE are working on, we hired our contractor to fix up our front steps, which were atrocious. They basically had hollow cement and then threw on bluestone to make it “fancy”. The steps were starting to lean down towards the house and overall just looked TERRIBLE. I will show before and after images once it’s all done but he is putting a 12 foot deck from the front door out and I am so excited to be able to put some rocking chairs out there! It will be so nice to nurse the baby while watching the kids play!
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  1. Hi Lynzy!

    I came across your blog and love your content! I, too am pregnant with my 3rd. I’m just now entering my second trimester. Got a ways to go! I drank red raspberry leaf tea as well during the last trimester of my last pregnancy! I also ate dates. Have you tried those? It softens your cervix as well! The combo, whether it worked or not, made for a very quick delivery for me!

    1. i’m 20 weeks with my 3rd too! what does red raspberry leaf tea do? i’ve never heard of this.

      1. It softens your cervix, preparing you for labor and delivery. It’s supposed to aid in going into labor on your own without needing to be induced. I drank this tea in my 3rd trimester as well as eating dates and I experienced 3 1/2 hours of hard labor and pushed for 5 or 10 minutes!

  2. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with our third and I totally know what you mean about being more nervous this time around! It’s the pushing part that is also making me nervous but I’m not sure why considering I’ve done it twice before.🙈

  3. Came across yohr cute vici dolls loOk for being pregnant woth your 3rd. What size did you tend to wear pregnant for them?