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Baby Bump Update // 21 weeks & Outfit Round-up

Maternity Style at 21 weeks

I’M WEARING: Comfiest Denim Joggers EVER, White Tee, Lace Bralette, Converse Shoes

What Fruit are you? As LONG as a CARROT and about 12 ounces! Although I will say that I feel like it’s more like a watermelon instead 😉

Due date:  August 8th, 2017. Our first was two weeks early and our second was one DAY early. Any bets on this one?!

Gender:  We won’t be finding out, but it will be fun for you to take some guesses! 😉 We had our anatomy scan last week and we told the sonographer not to look either! I don’t like having the gender written in my chart just in case someone accidentally slips it out!

Total weight gain/loss:  Up 17 lbs.  This week has been a rough one. I haven’t worked out at all because I worked at the hospital quite a bit and I was sick! Plus, I REALLY need to stop eating garbage. Can someone please help me out with this?!

Baby Bump at 21 weeks // Baby Number Three

Exercise: Not much this week! Although after I write this post, I plan to hit the treadmill for 3 miles! Wish me luck 😉

Stretch marks: Not yet! I am a true believer that these are genetic and I am hoping that they stay away with this third one!

On my Mind Currently: For my first two pregnancies I opted for an epidural. My first one took only on one side and wore off when I needed to push (I had gotten it 8 hours prior) and they said that they wouldn’t recommend giving more medicine so I pushed for 4.5 hours without much of anything, which wasn’t pleasant. For the second, I made it 5 hours with contractions and at the transition point, begged for an epidural that didn’t take. The anesthesiologist left to get more meds and then she was already out. HAHA. So THIS time, my goal is to NOT EVEN ask for the epidural since it never helped me anyways. I just need to get my mind in a better place. I am going to sign myself up for prenatal yoga and start doing it weekly since I think it will help my mindset a bit! Any other suggestions?!

Swelling: Not yet! BUT I will tell you that the compression stockings DO help. Also someone made MY LIFE when they recommended this YouTube video for how to put on compression stockings!!

Belly button: OUT!!

Baby Bump at 21 weeks // Baby Number Three

Sleep: WHAT IS SLEEP? Ellie is NOT sleeping whatsoever and I swear she is prepping me for a newborn. That child will be the death of me 😉

Food cravings:  Anything that’s not healthy? HAHA

Symptoms:  Terrible sinus infection! I am actually working on a post that will hopefully be live tomorrow about how to combat a sinus infection while pregnant! You guys were AMAZING with your tips over on my Instagram stories, so I am going to share everything that helped me in tomorrow’s post!

Movement: Yes! All the time now 🙂

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Here are my recent outfits from weeks 18-21 and links to where you can buy the items 🙂

Maternity Style in the Second Trimester

Outfit 1: Ruched Dress // Cardigan // Earrings

Outfit 2: Dress // Cardigan (similar) // Purse

Outfit 3: Dress // Sandals

Outfit 4: Tank // Lace Bralette // Denim // Cardigan

Outfit 5: Top // Lace Bralette // Cardigan

Outfit 6: Joggers // Tee // Converse // Cardigan // Purse

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  1. Hey friend! Came over from snapchat to comment on your post! I mostly use snapchat and hardly ever check instagram stories. Idk why, I just never think to watch them. And I follow a lot of people so it’s overwhelming!
    I think if you didn’t have great pain control with the epidural anyway, why not go natural? Great idea! Working in maternity gives me a range of perspectives and I chose natural for both of my births. I am so glad I did, because your body tells you what to do. When you labor naturally, your body gets that baby OUT. Sometimes epidurals can prolong pushing and even slow contractions down, and it’s so hard to tell yourself how to push, rather than feel how to push. The pain makes you push effectively! It’s hard. It hurts. But when you come out the other side, girl you’ll feel like superwoman! And SO excited it’s a surprise gender!! So close to my heart. I wish more people did that. It’s so exciting. 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi! I gave birth to all 3 of mine completely unmedicated and I will say I think it is about 80% mindset! My husband and I prepared together using the Bradley Method and really loved the whole process. I think he was thrilled to have an active role in the birth (as my coach) and really felt like we were in this together. Those 3 births were such beautiful and sacred days for us. I would HIGHLY recommend the Bradley Method!!

  3. Hi Lynzy!

    I delivered my son naturally at a birthing center, and even though it was painful, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I did prenatal yoga from my second trimester up until about two weeks before he was born, and it REALLY helped with the breathing!
    Breathing will be your best friend for a natural childbirth. Just breathe through each contraction, and don’t fight against it. My husband and midwives had to remind me of that constantly during my labor. Don’t fight the pain, just go with it, because the “pain” is what’s going to bring the baby.

    Anyway, it’s your third, so you’ve totally got this!