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Authenticity & Teaching Individuality to my Kids

This post is in partnership with Ray-Ban & ShopStyle. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love working with!

When I was younger, striving to “belong” was something that I held high on my list of priorities. Looking back, I wish I could have thrown all of that to the wayside and just been comfortable in who I was and what I was doing rather than always fighting to belong. I hope to instill confidence into my children so that when they are older, they know that individuality is important and makes you who YOU are. Being true to yourself and following the path you are led on is what I hope to teach my kids throughout the years. Authenticity is the NUMBER ONE priority that I have when it comes to this blog. I never want you to think I am pushing something your way without FULLY believing in the product/brand and always giving you the LOW DOWN. I know that most of you already know that but it doesn’t hurt to put a little emphasis on it again ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

This campaign with Ray-Ban emphasizes on self-expression and individuality and 2019 is the year that I have focused on getting “me” back. After almost 6 years of having and nursing babies, it was time to “find myself” again! I got back into working out on a regular basis, taking more time for myself when I can and focusing on being healthier. Ray-Ban had me chose a pair of sunglasses that I felt best described this time of my life where I am “Proud To Belong” and these were the ones I picked! I loved the hexagonal, retro shape and how the gold frame goes with everything! 

Fashion has been a way that I have expressed myself since I was a little girl. Many times if I was feeling a bit on edge, I would throw on that leather jacket and boots or conversely the sweet romantic dress if I was feeling playful. I love watching my kids pick out their own clothes nowadays and seeing how their personality shines through that. The same goes for a great pair of Ray-Ban! This brand has been around for so long and the quality of their sunglasses is like no other. I am linking a few more of my favorite options below! 


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