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Our Amex EveryDay Credit Card & Why We Love It

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August 31st entry:

We’re counting down to our big Europe trip, and I can finally say that we have officially booked our lodging and our rental car and figured out the flight situation! We were able to use nearly all of the Membership Rewards points we’ve accrued thanks to all of the Amex EveryDay Card purchases we’ve made to cover trip expenses — and that’s just one of the many benefits of our Card! We’ve been using our Card for a few months now, and after saving up so many points, I was able to apply them towards eligible charges on my statement.* They make it extremely easy, too! With the click of a button next to the eligible charge, I was able to just click it to pay with my points.

Savannah Travel Guide with Kids and our stay at the Holiday Inn in the Savannah Historic District

Here is a flashback photo from our last trip (last May) before Miles was born! Boy, it was HOT with that belly, but we had so much fun. Many think that we are crazy for traveling overseas with three kids so young, but I don’t think we are at all! I am so excited to show my kids a different part of the world, and I also think it’s very important for them to adapt and go with the flow (when it comes to sleeping, eating, etc). I will be updating you all along the way and will be sharing how we pack later today!

August 9th entry:

This fixer-upper home is slowly winning over my heart as we transform it, bit by bit. Our backyard has now become a place I want to be 100% of the time and a place where the kids can run free while we sit and relax. I dreamed about this day when we moved in 3 years ago and envisioned what this backyard space could be made into.

When making a HUGE life decision like purchasing a home, it’s especially important to have all of your finances in order. What I love about being an Amex EveryDay Card Member is that American Express is also an amazing partner that has great tools to support financial stability. American Express MyCredit Guide is new, and it helps you with great resources from a credit score simulator using the VantageScore® credit score by TransUnion® to a detailed TransUnion credit report – ideal for when you are assessing large financial decisions and want to know where you stand financially!

MyCredit Guide provides VantageScore® 3.0 credit scores that are updated weekly upon login, and best of all — it’s free, it won’t hurt your score and is available, even if you don’t have an American Express Card!

Visit www.AmericanExpress.com/MyCreditGuide for terms and to learn more.

June 12th entry

Ever since we moved into this home I have been dreaming up ways that we would renovate the backyard. We live in a rocky beach town (where the forest meets the beach), and there are boulders everywhere. We had SO many in our backyard that needed to be moved with an excavator and our land was pretty un-level. I knew that this would be a huge project, and we’ve been saving up for it for quite some time. Our patio was literally cement and the walkway was uneven and dangerous. I am excited to show you these before/progress images and will eventually show you the final product once it’s ready! 

We have been using our Amex EveryDay Card for our purchases ever since we began the project because we can earn  20% more points after we’ve made 20 eligible purchases in a billing period*, which helps our points add up even faster! And there are so many great ways to put these hard-earned points to work! We can apply eligible points to pay off eligible charges on our Card*, use them at shops/restaurants, for travel, and so much more! Since we have the money for this project saved, I always make sure to pay our Card off completely at the end of each month. Being a responsible credit card holder is very important! 😉

Our new playing field of what will be grass (for now is just seed & hay)!

May 7th entry: As we move through the spring and summer months, I will add updates to this post about why we chose the Amex EveryDay Card for our family and why it may be a good fit for you if you are in the market for one, too. Be sure to speak with a financial planner or someone that knows finances well before diving into a credit card, and make sure that you do all your research.

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Spring has finally sprung (I think) around here and that has me deep into organization mode. I have been deep cleaning every corner of the house and diving into my wardrobe to downsize significantly. Something about “less is more” that always has me feeling a million pounds lighter after a cleanout…

This year was the year that my husband and I decided that we wanted to learn a bit more about finances and the ins and outs about how much to save for various aspects such as college for our children, emergency accounts, retirement, etc. We also wanted to make sure that we had a credit card that would reap the best rewards throughout each month. We always pay our credit card off at the end of each month — if we cannot pay it off at the end of each month, we won’t make the purchases. It has been one of the best and most responsible decisions we have made! What I really love most about the #AmexEveryDay Card is that you can earn 20% more points when you make 20 or more eligible purchases in a billing period*, 2x points at US supermarkets (up to $6,000 in purchases a year!)*, and 1x points on every other eligible purchase!* So many easy ways to earn points every day.

More to come next month on what to do with those points, so stay tuned…

Original POST from APRIL: I am so excited to be teaming up with American Express as an #AmexAmbassador for the coming months and share my family’s adventures with our EveryDay Card. I will be sharing all the benefits that we have gotten since we opened it, including a new balance transfer offer and even a chance to earn some extra Membership Reward points, all while doing things that we do on an every day basis like grocery shopping and getting gas!

Motherhood Blogger, Lynzy & Co. discusses credit cards and their favorite one to shop with for the whole family with American Express!

When I was a teenager and young adult, I had no idea of the importance of a credit card to build credit for myself. Finding a credit card that will work for you is key and making sure you understand all of the benefits/requirements beforehand is important. I have been searching for the perfect family credit card for us since the only one I owned was one I opened in 2008 and wasn’t really working for me the way I would like it to. When I was introduced to the EveryDay card, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of amazing benefits for things I was already doing for my family. 

Motherhood Blogger, Lynzy & Co. discusses credit cards and their favorite one to shop with for the whole family with American Express!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of being an EveryDay Credit Card member: 

A $0 balance transfer fees* on balance transfers made within the
first 60 days of account opening
• New Card Members can also enjoy a 0% intro APR** for 15
months on purchases and balance transfers, then the rate will
vary 14.24-25.24%
• New Card Members can also earn a welcome bonus of 10,000
Membership Rewards Points* after making $1,000 in purchases on
the Card in the first 3 months.

*Read about the offer and benefit terms
**Note that rates and fees may apply

Motherhood Blogger, Lynzy & Co. discusses credit cards and their favorite one to shop with for the whole family with American Express!

One of my favorite benefits of this card is the ability to earn 2x points for supermarket purchases and eligible travel purchases on amextravel.com. You can also earn 1x points on ALL other purchases. This was HUGE for us since the majority of our income goes to groceries (kidding, well….not really). When you have growing kiddos, that grocery bill is pretty hefty each month!

Motherhood Blogger, Lynzy & Co. discusses credit cards and their favorite one to shop with for the whole family with American Express!

I will be sharing my adventures with my Amex EveryDay Card in the coming months and cannot wait to answer any questions you may have. I know the amount of time and research that goes into opening the RIGHT credit card for your family and I am here to help you along the way!

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