Amazon Haul | January - Lynzy & Co.

Amazon Haul | January

Today’s Amazon haul is a lot of items that YOU suggested as favorites! There are some really great things in here today! Everything from nursing friendly tops, bump friendly dresses to a pair of Athleta dupe leggings (YES FOLKS, I FOUND A PAIR!) If you think I am missing out on something amazing, be sure to link it in the comments below! 

Amazon Haul | January


Nursing Sweatshirt |

Athleta Leggings | the ones I always talk about 😉 I wear these for every day leggings as well as for working out! Best part is that they NEVER collect animal fur! Hallelujah! You can use code: AP192CA4T2 for 20% off one item! 


T-Shirt | A great basic tee! I am wearing the small but it does run a bit big!

  Swing Skirt | This baby is VERY clingy – which would be an easy fix! Great with a bump! I wore it in the brown color below as well! 


Pocket Midi T-Shirt Dress | I wasn’t overly impressed with this dress as it appears to more like a pillowcase than anything else! ha! 


Button Front Jumpsuit | Quality of the fabric here is lacking but the jumpsuit itself is AMAZING. Fits great (I am in a small) and it’s nursing friendly! 


Tie Dye Maxi | Had this baby for about 4 years now and still LOVE it – especially with a bump! Wearing size small!



Bohemian Midi Dress | size small | Love this as a cover up or just throw on a tank underneath as a dress, it’s so pretty! 


Ribbed Sweater Dress | Love the quality of this dress and the bodycon style with a bump! Wearing size small! 


Knot Front Top | A great basic top! Size small

Leggings | These were recommended by many of you and I just want to say that they are AMAZING and dare I say that they are a pretty great Athleta DUPE! They are less than $17 right now too! I am wearing a size small and they even have pockets too!


Boyfriend SweaterLOVE LOVE LOVE the way that this top drapes! I am wearing the size small!


Mama Bear Sweatshirt || So many of you suggested this one and I love it! When I posted it yesterday many of you said that some boutiques are selling it for 2-3 times the price too! This is a size small and it definitely runs smaller, size up for a more oversized fit!


Basic White Top | LOVE this top – had it for years and it works so well with leggings!!

Pajama Bottoms | Holy SOFT Batman, these are SO good. Love the fabric and they will fit awesome with a growing bump!!


Basic White Top | LOVE this top – had it for years and it works so well with leggings!!

Core 10 Naked Feeling Leggings || Just like the Aerie Play leggings I always rave about but they have compression – and still great with a bump. So while you cannot work out in the aerie play leggings, you could definitely work out in these! I still suggest the leggings above over these since these are $45 and those are under $17! I am wearing a size small! 

Basic White Top | LOVE this top – had it for years and it works so well with leggings!!

Fleece lined leggings || I’ve had these for a few years and will wear these out with the kids during snow days and such! Many of you have been asking for a warmer leggings alternative and these are great for the price. Run a bit small! 


Open Cardigan | Love the way this cardigan drapes! Goes with everything! Wearing size small!

Camo Leggings | Many of you raved about these and they are definitely great but I questioned the fact they are made with 90% polyester because polyester holds smells and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe so I definitely wouldn’t wear these for working out! I am wearing a size small! 

V-Neck Tank Top | SUCH A GREAT FIND. Seriously, in love with the length and fabric of this tank top. It runs big and I am in a size small!


Thick Hair Ties | So many of you raved about these!!

Lactation Massager | Cannot wait to try this baby out! Such great reviews and many of you love it! 

Forever Love Bracelet |  Loved the simplicity of this bracelet

Plated Earrings | I have second holes and bought these for them!

Baby Onesies | Not as great of quality as our Jamie Kay onesies but a fraction of the price! 

Baby Bonnet | LOVE this adorable bonnet, an amazing small brand too! 

Kids Flare Pants | For my 4 year old that REFUSES to wear pants unless they’re “fancy” 😉 

Compression Leggings |  Trying these out for my varicose veins!! 

Makeup Brush Cleaner |  Many great reviews on this brush cleaner and I am in desperate need of washing mine so I am going to try it out!

Exfoliating Body Scrubber | I’ve heard great things about these and bought them to replace my loofah. 



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  1. Hi! Thanks For doing a round up. I was wondering how the $17 leggings would compare AGAINST the joy lab leggings that you and karla suggested a few weeks ago. Similar feel, compression, thiCkness? Thanks again.

    1. LITERALLY 😍 All of these… i have to say of all the bloggers i follow on insta, your try-ons are my fav… thank you

  2. will be curious how you like the makeup brush cleaner! Was looking at the Tao, but alot more money!
    Please keep us posted!!