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All About Baby || Happy 9 Months Liv! (& Giveaway with Baby Aspen)

9 months already! How is that even possible? I know that people say that time flies and it really, honestly does! She is getting so big and we always visit her at night before we go to bed and it is crazy how big she looks inside her crib now! 
{Sun suit by All the Numbers, Turkish Towl from Of One Sea, Radio from Anthropologie}
Weight: Baby O was 17.1 pounds at her 6 month visit and has her 9 month visit next Monday. My guess is 20.5 pounds or so!
Health:  As I have mentioned on my Instagram many times, health is the number one most important thing. I thank God every day that he keeps Olivia (and us) healthy. Working in the ER really opens your eyes to the struggles that families go through when there is a sick family member/friend/etc. It is heart wrenching and health is just so important. I think that sometimes we forget about that because we are so blessed, but it is important to remember — that health is the most important gift of all.


Sleep: GOOD NEWS! We sleep trained Olivia for approximately 2 nights and she now sleeps from 730/8 pm – 630/7 pm. She will wake up at that time, have breakfast, and return to bed. I haven’t figured out hwo to keep her in bed until about 8/830 without that 630 am feeding, but I am totally fine with that since she isn’t waking me up at 2 am anymore! I also have to add that Olivia has never been a “schedule” person. She will take two naps throughout the day, but every day the times change. It depends on how long she sleeps in the morning. Usually a nap around 1030/11 and again around 1/130.


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Social: Olivia started swim class last week with her friend Reagan! They are taking the shrimp swim at the Y and they really seem to love it! It makes me nervous dunking her under water but we totally did it last night and I know that this will help her to be a better swimmer and to love the water!



Diet: Still nursing! YAY! My supply dropped significantly when I cut out the night feeding, but I am still able to nurse her 75 % of the time and the other times, we bottle feed, and give her solids. She eats 2-3 solid feeds per day. Yogurt in the AM, Lunch & Dinner. I usually make her food myself. She is obsessed with finger eating tiny bits of chicken and sweet potato!
 {Personalized Bamboo Bath Robe by Swish Little Fish – this material is amazing, so cozy that I want one for myself!}
Clothes: 9-12 months!

Baby Gear Love: Olivia is really on the move and loves anything that she can shake around. She loves her Maracas – some days she never puts them down. We also took this Exersaucer outside and filled up the bottom with water (keeps her cool in the summer!)



Crying: Only when she is hungry or tired!

Likes: Cat toys (she likes them WAY more than her own toys – go figure), Swimming, her maracas, climbing stairs (!!!), pulling to a stand, etc.


Dislikes:  She likes to be constantly entertained. No sitting around for her! She especially dislikes diaper changes now. She hates lying on her back, which makes it super difficult!
Postpartum: Feeling like I am back to my old self again! 
 {Olivia at the beach in her Stokke Flexi Bath – perfect for travel/storage since it folds up, we love bringing it to the beach and outside for her to play in, while keeping cool!}
Milestones: She has been crawling for about 2 months now – she is fast like lightening! She is also able to crawl up the stairs and pull up to a stand by herself. She has been able to pincher grasp to eat finger foods for about 2 months as well. She is always saying “mum mum mum mum”, but no Dada yet! 😉

Still no teeth! 😉


Happy 9 months to our little nug-bert (as daddy calls you). We don’t know what we would do without you, we love you so much!

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