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Activities That Prep For Back to School

This post is sponsored by Abercrombie Kids. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love. 

As you may remember, I went back and forth a bit when it came to sending our oldest to Kindergarten this fall. In our town, they leave it up to the parents to decide if they are ready or not. With my oldest being born at the end of September, she would have been the youngest in her class. This didn’t so much bother me now but I couldn’t stop thinking about her being in high school and having people in her grade that could be 1-2 years OLDER than her.I don’t think I will ever regret waiting until she was older but I couldn’t help thinking that I may regret sending her early. When I weighed out the pros and cons, the pros list ended up being much longer to keep her home and send her to Kindergarten the following year. Plus, I get her home with me for another entire year ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today I am teaming up with one of my favorite brands, Abercrombie Kids, to talk about a few activities that we have been doing to prep for back to school this year. We have our oldest enrolled in a Kindergarten Prep Class and she is so excited to start! 

When it comes to school, my oldest has always preferred comfort over anything else. She has always preferred a “legging jean” so that she can move around better and she is always looking for a cozy sweatshirt. What better place to find both of those items, than Abercrombie Kids? We all know that A&F has been killing it with the women’s clothing and I was so excited to check out their kids selection! My oldest picked out this adorable sequin changing sweatshirt because you can change the direction of the sequins to make them change color and she loves it! We paired it with some extremely comfortable pull-on skinny jeans that will be perfect for running around on the playground and getting into fun within the classroom! Even better, Abercrombie Kids is having some amazing sales leading up to the back to school season. Check them out here.

A few more of her favorite picks: 

Camo Pull on Legging | Flip Sequin Tee with Pug on the Front | Easy Hooded Cardigan

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to another mama when it comes to school prep (from what little I know so far) is that encouragement and building confidence is key. Whenever possible, tell them how great they are doing with letters, numbers, reading, etc. Tell them how smart they are and how proud you are that they find learning fun. The more you encourage and instill confidence, the better! We recently got one of these Kindergarten Toolkits and they are AWESOME for Kindergarten prep. It comes with flash cards, a lesson booklet and more. I love that we can make learning fun here at home! 

One last tip that I cannot recommend enough is reading. The more you read to them, in front of them and around them, the more they will love to read themselves. With technology these days, I feel that getting lost inside a physical book is something of the past. We need to bring it BACK and encourage our little ones to pick up a good book, curl up and get lost in it. There truly is nothing better than that! 

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  1. Love!!! That you decided to keep her One more year. My oldest (daughter) is an August bIrthday and it was the best decision ever to let her start kindergarten at 6 (so one fUll year later) She is headed to first grade this year at the top of her game and we are so EXCITED for her. Kids Can only BENEFIT from more time at home in a positiVe enviroNment. Once they start school theyโ€™re in it for life! ๐Ÿ™‚ (or at least a really lOng time)
    Might as well give them the opportunity to excel and enjoy.

  2. Great decisioN! I have 2 fall babies (13 & 8 now, so not really Babies), our scHool cutoff is sept. 1st, so we were forCed to have the extra year. They both are bright and at the top of tHeir class, they may have been fine ACADEMICALLY but i Know they would have struggled socially if they staRted earlier. I have seen it in their peers wIth lAtesummer birthdays. Good call!

  3. We did the exact same thing for pur youngest who has a September birthday. I did it for driving, dating and Going away to college days.
    She will be 23 next month and she is a Very conFident, old soul beautiful woman.