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A Hashtag You’ll Want to Know About // For the Mamas // Nursing Support Group

A place for mothers to go late at night. Every night, a different topic is discussed!

I was sitting in our bed last week, tears rolling down my face as our little Ellie tried to latch on for the 20th time. Nursing at night can be a very isolating place and a place that most mothers in the first few weeks, start to dread. You’re up all night, eyes stinging, nipples bleeding, and nowhere to go for comfort. You feel alone. So very alone.

I knew this was going to happen, because it happened the first time around. We had trouble latching and it made breastfeeding so incredibly miserable for me for the first few weeks. It was excruciatingly painful to latch my baby on and it was EXHAUSTING. The pain, the no sleep, the tears….



This time around I knew I had to do something different. I got involved with a lactation consultant right away so that I correct the issues and I have been trying SO hard to nurse myself back to health (and I am happy to say we are almost there!) I wanted to create a community for people like myself. The ones who feel alone and lost at 3 am. I wanted everyone to have a place to go. To talk. To cry. To make it feel a lot less lonely. Post partum depression stems from so many different things. Hormones. Loneliness. I wanted these late nights to turn into a place where we can come together and encourage each other to stick it out. To ask questions. To provide a shoulder for others to cry on. To provide wisdom. advice.

I created the #latenightnursingfeed on Instagram. I post once per night abut a topic and it is here that we can come together and share what we know or what we don’t know…

A place where we are a community of mothers, doing the best damn job that we can.

A place where you don’t have to feel vulnerable.

A place of support and comfort when you may need it most.

I am actually crying as I write this because I have already received so many emails and comments about how this has helped many mothers. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do and I am beyond happy that I can provide this for you all.

So, please join us – or you can even just read along on a nightly basis…


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& don’t forget to join in on the #latenightnursingfeed!

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  1. I remember those nights. It is so nice that you built a space for moms up in the middle of the night to connect over feeding.

  2. I give a lot of credit to the woman that can breast feed. I had kids that just could not latch and were not getting the right amount of nutrients but I tried!

  3. I can totally relate. We had trouble latching with my first born. By the time that she gets it, she’s already too tired and will just sleep. It was very frustrating. Glad that you have a support group to help you.

  4. I remember when i was starting to breastfeed my first born and it was not going well. The frustration is terrible. I will have to follow this hashtag. It is a great way to support each other.

  5. oh what a beautiful baby!!!

    i can totally relate–though my first had the most perfect latch. my 2nd? not so much but like you, we worked through it. a community of support makes the impossible seem feasible and kudos to you for creating that instead of giving up!

  6. My daughter in law joined a support group and she loved it. She still takes her baby girl now, and the little one is two. She’s almost weaned but still nurses once in the eve. before bed.

  7. Oh how I have been there. The pain is UNFORGETTABLE! I love that you created this hashtag for support for yourself and for others. My heart goes out to you guys.

    And your sweet baby is darling!

  8. Hi guys, I am a new parent and I am desperately to get my three month little one to sleep longer during night. Right now I’m fortunate to get four hours rest each night. Best wishes