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A Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

This post is sponsored by Billie. Thank you for supporting the brands that I truly love!

This is a gift that SHE will love and if you are reading this and you may want to send it to your significant other as a little *hint hint*! Not only does the Billie razor packaging look really cute but the razor is pretty amazing as well. Best part though is the price!For $9, you get the razor, magnetic holder, and 2 replacement cartridges. When you need more? Just $9 for 4 cartridges!

Oh, and did I mention you always get free shipping?!

Something I was not aware of before finding Billie was that women’s razors cost 10-15% more than men’s razors, how crazy is that? Billie sells their razors at a fair price WITHOUT the pink tax. An issue that I have always had with razors is that they don’t curve to the contour of your body and often leave me with pesky cuts. The Billie razor has 5 blades that all curve to the shape of you body leaving you with smooth skin and NO cuts. 

The Billie comes with this awesome magnetic holder that you can hang right in your shower so that the razor is neatly put away when not in use! Plus, they offer the cutest colors to choose from!

I am also a huge fan of their shaving cream because it is free of paragons, sulfates, and does not contain any synthetic fragrances. 
So as a stocking stuffer this year, scoop one of these up and then you can adjust the frequency of when the razor blades are delivered! If you want to gift Billie, here are the details:
Pick a color and subscription length, 6 or 12 months and their gift will arrive at their door!
They will get a starter kit (Billie handle, magnetic holder and 2 razor cartridges!
They will deliver 4 replacement cartridges every two months (you can always adjust this)
Once you purchase your gift, an email will be sent to the recipient letting them know that they have been gifted Billie!
Just be aware that this may arrive after Christmas but that’s okay! Just put a cute little picture of the razor popping out of their stocking to let them know it’s on the way!


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