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A Great Every Day Bra

This post is written in collaboration with Spanx. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love! 

Fluctuating with bra sizing when pregnant and postpartum is no fun and finding the right bra can seem impossible. I have found that after nursing three babies, I am opting for serious comfort over all else and I have discovered one of the best, most comfortable bras on the planet and it goes up to a 38DD! Introducing, the Bra-llelujah Collection from Spanx! I was REALLY excited to try these out and they sent along a few versions of this bra (racerback, full coverage, etc) and they truly are incredibly comfortable. The full coverage and the bralette were my favorite picks. The full coverage bra is great for every day wear and the bralette is amazing wearing around the house or with leisurewear! 

CODE: Lynzy15 for 15% off and you can try Bra-llelujah for 30 days – … if you don’t like it you can return it for free

You know that feeling when you take your bra off at the end of the long day? This is the feeling you get when you wear this bra, except you have that feeling all day long! It feels like you don’t even have a bra on!

If you don’t know what your size would be, don’t fret! You can do a risk free try on at home and they have free returns! Easy peasy! The full coverage bra which is the best every day bra comes in a ton of different patterns and colors! Obviously nude is great because it goes under anything but here are a few of my other favorites as well: 

Spanx offered me a coupon code to give to you for 15% off (YAAAA girl) 

LYNZY15 until 7/31

The bralette comes in a few different color/pattern options as well and I am really digging that floral!

Quick little tip about postpartum nursing boobs in those first few weeks….

You will want to avoid any bra with a WIRE. Your breast size will fluctuate dramatically while your body figures out how much milk it needs to produce for your baby and you do not want to restrict them! Although these do not have a clip down for nursing, they are wire free and SO incredible easy to lift up or down that you could easily nurse in them too! 


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