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7 Fall & Winter Footwear Favorites

Today’s post will focus on fall & winter footwear favorites! I have had all of these boots for quite a few years now and they are all very special to me. In all honesty, boots are probably my favorite part of fashion and I feel like you can never own too many! They are my style love language. 

7 Fall & Winter Footwear Favorites

1.) Blackstone Shearling Lined Boot | These are my number 1s. They keep your feet SO warm and I just LOVE the look of them. I have had these about 3 years now and the leather has this amazing worn in look. I have them in the color “gull leather”! They run TTS but if you want to wear thicker socks with them, I would go up!

They also have them in black for 40% off right now!

2.) My Hiking Boots | These babies have been with me through all of our international trips with the kids and they are my FAVORITE hiking boots. They are warm, waterproof and comfortable! These run TTS

3.) Clair Lace Up Boot in Black Leather | Leather boots always get that beautiful worn in look that I love and these were the boots I wore all over Ireland last fall! They even look great with maxi dresses and skirts! They run TTS

4.) Snow Boots (affordable pair) | I got these a few years back and I really like them as an alternative to my SORELs. They are lighter and not as bulky. VERY warm! Only thing is that they are slippery on the sole until you wear them in a bit! These run TTS

5.) SOREL 1964 Boots | I am really excited that I found these in stock! They are about 4 years old and sold out EVERYWHERE! They are so freaking cool and I just love the way that they look with a pair of heavy socks! They run TTS

6.) SOREL Snow Boots | These are the boots I wear for outdoor with the kids, shoveling, etc. They ARE heavier but honestly, so warm and great for the cold weather. I got them in the olive green but this color is way better and I wish they had it in stock when I got mine!

7.) Koolaburra by UGG boots | These are my favorite for slipping on and running out the door. Pretty much every time I am running out to pick up the kids from school, these are what I throw on. They are SO warm. 



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  1. Hi! Love this post. Do you weatherproof your leather boots? I’m guessing it was sometimes rainy in ireland- how did the clairs hold up?