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50 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy in the Summer

Since the kids are out for the summer I figured what better timing than NOW to talk about 50 activities to keep your kids busy this summer (and for YOU to keep your sanity)! I am actually really excited to even create this post because it gets my brain churning on some activities to do with my own kids! A great little referral post for when my kids are driving me BANANAS 😉 Some of these are activities that you can do right at home without leaving the house and others will take you on an adventure! I plan to do a lot of these with our summer months and I would love to see pictures of you doing them as well so DM me them on IG! 

50 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy in the Summer

1.) Strawberry Picking | Really any type of pickin’ is the goal here whether it’s blueberries, strawberries, apples – whatever! My kids LOVE this and we go at least once every 2 weeks if not more in the summer months!

2.)  Outdoor Obstacle Course (or indoor) | This is one of my favorites – for the older kids! Use cones, hoops, balls, playgrounds, sprinklers, etc. to create the largest obstacle course you can!

3.) Hiking | Pack up your bags, a lunch and head to a hiking trail! Point out all the bugs, plants, etc! 

4.) Send them on a bug hunt | My kids are OBSESSED with bugs. Send them around the yard to collect some to show you! Have them add some grass and rock in their collecting vessel to mimick outdoors!

5.)  Head to the nearest beach for seashell collecting | One of my girls’ favorite things to do!

6.) Field Party | Call up a few friends and meet them along with their kids in a big open field and let them run wild!

7.) Lemonade Stand | Such a fun way for kids to learn about money too!

8.) Camp Out in the Back Yard | This may be hard if you have super little ones, but you could camp during the day!

9.) Drive in Movie | There really needs to be more of these, if you don’t have one local set one up in the back yard!

10.) Visit the zoo | Always a fun family outing!

11.) DIY friendship bracelets | Depending on their age you can make this less or more complicated!

12.) Go fly a Kite | You could even make your own kite too! 

13.) Paint Rocks | My kids love painting rocks and then placing them around the yard!

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14.) Go Fishing | Such a fun outing, even if you aren’t the best fisher!

15.) Set up a Relay Race | This is great to do when your kids have friends over too!

16.) Visit a Farmers Market | We love to visit the local farmers market!

17.) Local Events | I have been really surprised about how many events there are within a 30 mile radius of us. I find a lot of these on FB or via flyers that are put up in local spots! Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and check out FB for all your local events!

18.) Play Mini Golf | Another summer time classic that everyone can enjoy!

19.) Run through the Sprinkler | Such a simple summer activity but always a favorite.

20.) Visit a Farm | My middle loves all animals, so this is always high on her bucket list! There are so many local sanctuaries that I didn’t know about. Google farm sanctuaries near you and you may be surprised!

21.) Start a Garden | or even just plant a few things or even one! Its really about the fun of watching it grow and teaching them how to take are of something 🙂 On this year’s summer bucket list is creating a fairy garden with my girls!

22.) Make a village in the driveway | Take all the kids little people/farm animals/dollhouse furniture/ etc and bring it outside into the driveway and watch the magic happen. My girls had a blast last year creating an entire village outdoors!

23.) Home Depot Kids Workshops | The kids always love attending these classes! 

24.) Head to the movies | They have discounted showings during the day and we have one nearby that even has free movies playing this summer

25.) Enjoy an Outdoor Music Night | There are SO many local bands that play outside for free in the summer!

26.) Make some homemade yogurt popsicles  | My kids love these!

27.) Hide the ____ | Take ANY object and have the kids take turns hiding it in a specific area of your yard! Make it easier for little ones by choosing a larger object

28.) Eat Dinner Outside | We LOVE doing this, and it makes clean up easier too!

29.) Go on a Picnic | Pack up some snacks, grab a blanket and go eat outside!

30.) Hide n Seek | I know, an oldie but a goodie – my kids LOVE doing this in the house! I get a little nervous outside since they’re too little yet 😉 

31.) Visit a Firestation | This is such a fun outing with kids of all ages!

32.) Mud Pie Making | Put your kids in their suits, give them a couple of buckets, dirt and water and watch them play for the next few hours! One of the best ways to entertain them! 

33.) Make a Home Made Video | This would be a great opportunity to video tape your own “a day in the life” and make sure to repeat this yearly so that you can see your kids grow up year to year!

34.) Visit a Local Garden Store | This is always a fun place to walk around! 

35.) Go for walk with all their buddies | I used to do this when I was younger. Take that wagon and pack it full with their favorites stuffed “buddies” and take them on an adventure! 

36.) Watch the Sunrise or sunset at the Beach | We love this and do this often in the summer!

37.) Take a Trip to the Library | There are so many free and fun activities at the library! 

38.) Bubbles | What is it about the simplicity of bubbles that just makes kids so happy! I love this! We have a bubble machine that we got from my parents and the kids just love it!

39.) Make Sock Puppets | or if your kids are too little for sewing make them out of paper bags and have them decorate! Then you can set up a puppet show!

40.) Visit an Aquarium | This is always a family favorite! 

41.) Bury a Time Capsule | Such a fun idea to do and maybe even make a map so you can dig it up the following summer! 

42.) Sensory Bins | If you have younger kids, sensory bins can be awesome! Visit Pinterest to see all the different options!

43.) Chalk Playing| My oldest loves to create big houses with separate rooms out of chalk and then we pretend to be in the different rooms (i.e sleeping in the bedroom, cooking in the kitchen) – she loves it! 

44.) Dance in the Rain | This is so much fun and the kids always love this! 

45.) Go for a bike ride | so simple but pick a new spot and check out the scenery! 


46.) Painting (letting them get as crazy as they want) | Set up a big piece of painters canvas (you can scoop them up for super cheap at the hardware store) outside and give them washable paint and paper. Let them get as dirty as they want! They can even paint each other (a crowd favorite)!

47.) Build a Sandcastle  | I always love helping the kids make one of these when we visit the beach!

48.) Cardboard Box Forts Indoors | A great rainy day activity

49.) Let them participate in cooking | I’ve been trying to let my girls participate as much as is safe for them to do so because they love it and it teaches them early on!

50.) Visit an Amusement Park | this is definitely not my favorite thing, but if you go earlier in the morning or later in the day there is a little less of a crowd…

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  1. Ive Done some of these, like the hd workshops… my daughter loves!! Ive been letting her help me cook, and she loves it too! Im planning to go to the Drive in, itll be my daughters first time! DEFINITELY will keep Others in mind as she gets older! Thank you!!!

  2. We hit the local library often and sign up for summer reading program. Also, love engaging kidd in cooking. We do an annual crepe night: bigs cook, littles prep FILLINGs and make menu, mom and dad enjoy!