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5 Tips to Making Flowers Last Longer

I absolutely love fresh flowers but can never keep them alive enough to enjoy them until recently when I discovered 5 tips to making flowers last longer. My friend Cori recently told me a secret that I am forever grateful for and I will tell you that it works like a charm! These hydrangeas have been alive in this vase for almost two weeks now and I only changed the water ONCE. Yep, it’s a miracle and I am about to tell you how you can do the same at home! Many of you sent along some other amazing tips that I am in including here as well. 

5 tips to making your flowers last longer // Try these tips when you buy fresh flowers next time!

Tip #1: Cut your stems while they are under water and remove any leaves that would be in the water (these breed bacteria). Dip the end of the stems into Alum. This is the secret ingredient here! After about a week, I changed the water and dipped them into the Alum again and this image is what they currently look like after almost two weeks. You can try to find it at your local grocery market or they sell it here

Tip #2: Add a spoonful of vodka to your flower vase. It kills off bacteria! Add a spoonful every time you change the water. If you can, change it daily. If not, do it as much as you can remember!

Tip #3: Drop a penny into your vase. It helps to keep your flowers stand upright and it naturally kills off bacteria that want to live inside your vase!

Tip #4: Grab your hairspray and stand a good distance away and spritx those petals. It helps to keep them looking fresher, longer!

Tip #5: Flower Food // Yes, this stuff really does work – use it! 

If you have any other tips to add, put them in the comments below so we can read them! 🙂 

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