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5 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Printable

This sale can get crazy pretty fast so I wanted to prep you with 5 tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so that you can be ready and stay within your budget! It can become VERY overwhelming VERY quickly when you see every blogger from New England to Washington state telling you how cute every single item is. I wanted to put together this post so that you can shop SMART and prepare before the sale starts. This sale truly is my favorite sale all year because it’s when I stock up on things like winter coats for my kids, new fall boots & cardigans & items that I may have on my wish list that I know will be included in this sale. I know that some of the items I scored last year will be included this year as well. Get ready ladies, the early access sale starts next Friday!!
and, yes! I will be covering everything from maternity & nursing friendly layered outfits to outfits for the every day mama that is classic & items that are versatile. Most importantly, I will be putting together outfits that I know you will wear on a daily basis. Pajamas, workout wear, classic outfits with denim & more.


Early Access: July 12

Public Access: July 19-August 4, 2019

Sale Prices End: August 4


Be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram stories next Friday for an epic try on session at Nordstrom and on my blog. I am going to make this a great resource for you to find what you are looking for and to make it easy for you to shop from home.
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5 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

1.) Plan ahead with a budget // Sit down and determine your budget. Calculate what you want to spend on clothing, home décor, kids items, etc. Even if it’s just $50 – be sure that you write it out and it will ensure that you stick to it. As an “influencer” (I hate that term) it’s obviously great when people spend money through our links but I would NEVER (ever) want you to go into debt just because you think you need something. Always be sure to budget according to what works for YOU and your family. To make it easier, I created this printable that you can use to set your budget and write down the items you are hoping to score! I would love to see you fill them out and then show me them in your stories! I will be reposting them to my stories as well 🙂
The ultimate guide to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // What you need to know, tips, and a printable to manage your budget and items you are looking for!
Printable created by Paige over at Hey Halle Design
2.) Plan ahead with a wish list // This ALWAYS helps me determine what I need in my closet. You know when you wander into a store that is having a sale and you are tricked into bringing home items that are eerily similar to something you already own in your closet? This is NOT what I want to happen during this sale. I want you to score items that are ON your wish list that you don’t already have in your closet and most importantly, that you will absolutely LOVE. Do an inventory of your closet and figure out what you want to add to it. Is it a great new pair of PJs or a new pair of running sneakers because your treads are running low? Make that list and be prepared!
3.) Determine whether you are shopping early access or the public sale // When you shop early access, you will need a Nordstrom card. I have the Nordstrom debit card which is hooked right to my bank account but unfortunately they do not offer that anymore. You can read all about a card here! If you don’t have a card, you will be shopping during public access. YES, some items do sell out during early access and DO NOT get restocked but for the most part, they do. I just want you to be aware that some items definitely sell out before the public sale and they do not get restocked. With all of that being said, do not sign up for the credit card just for that reason. if you want to build credit and are in the market for a credit card, go for it and make sure you pay it off at the end of each month! 🙂 Whether you are shopping early access or the public sale, I highly suggest shopping the day that the sale starts for the best inventory! Word on the street is that they will at least be restocking during the public sale so that is great news!
4.) Don’t wait // If you have been eyeing something, do not wait, it may sell out. I am speaking from experience here and there is nothing worse than wishing you purchased something and then it being ripped out of your hands. You can always return if you decide you don’t want it! Nordstrom has awesome return policies and if you shop online, it’s free shipping & free returns. There is absolutely no need to go in store, especially when I will do that for you 😉
5.) Have fun // Don’t stress about the sale! This should be fun! One of the main reasons I love doing this try on session for you all is so that you can see the items in person and know what IS and what ISN’T worth your dollar. If something does sell out, don’t fret. It wasn’t meant to be and you can find something else you love! NOW LET’S DO THIS!

Sneak Peek into a Few of This Years Picks

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan |Sale: $76.90 After Sale: $116.00      Madewell Ryder Cardigan |Sale: $64.90 After Sale: $98.00
Vince Camuto Bootie | Sale: $99.90 After Sale: $149.95     Ugg Slippers |Sale: $54.90 After Sale: $84.95
Spanx Bike Shorts | Sale: $40.90 After Sale: $62.00    Zella Leggings | Sale: $38.90   After Sale: $59.00

I would love to know what you are on the hunt for – comment below! Don’t forget to print out your one page shopping planner and tag me in your stories! Excited to shop with you all! 

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  1. Im on the hunt for white shoRts and colored shorts that make me look like i have a butt and arent falling off of me.

  2. So excited for this sale! I always pick up the deals on things for my daughters’ birthdays. Top of the list are the zella leggings! All 3 of us love them! I Also try to score deals on shoeS and boots for the whole family. Usually a great time to purchase better quality items for a good price. I’m glad that you pointed out that if you miss out on an iTem then it WASN’T meant to Be! I get so stressed! 🤪😂

    1. Such a helpful post! I typically get overwhelmed by the saLE and only get big ticket items. last year i got the Nuna mixx Stroller and Nuna pipa lite lx car seat cOmbo! Super hoping tO get a bigger car seat this year😊

  3. Every sale i look for a new pair of Sorel boots bc of the great deal but soemtimes Nordstrom has a special color style. Aso looking for nice work shoes for hubby. Possibly double stroller… and def ToddleR clothes for winter. And anything cozy for this 4 months preggo thats are not leggings.

  4. I have a bar mitzvah this December and need an outfit for the night and the night before (think rehearsal dinner and wedding attire). I would love for my husband and 3 boys to also have some outfit that looks cohesive on the 5 of us. (boys are 6, 4 and 1). And thank you ahead of time for your coverage of this event. i can only imagine how time consuming and overwhelming it is.