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5 Healthy Ways To Use Social Media

These 5 healthy ways to use social media can be incorporated easily into your every day routine. After having many chats with all of you over the past few months about the toxicity of social media, I figured that putting together a few tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship with it was key. For me, it can be really difficult since my business is on social media. It makes it challenging to spend less time on it when your job depends on it. 

Last night after posting about a family in need I realized that I could never desert my account (although on some days, I would love to), because so much good comes from it. This community helps each other when in need and the families we have served in the years I’ve had my IG account will never cease to amaze me. You are all incredible. For that reason alone, I won’t go anywhere. However, I will have very strict boundaries and limits to my social media use and that’s why I wanted to write this post. I hope that it is helpful for YOU, too! 

Tip #1: Set Boundaries

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is to set boundaries. This is especially important if you run your business on social media. Some of my boundaries that I have set for my community is telling you all where you can reach me. I have shut off my DM’s in my stories so you have to go directly to my profile to DM me or you can email me. This boundary has helped me to cut down significantly on the messages that were just stating “I like that” or “I don’t like that” and makes room for me to see questions that may come through. It has saved a significant amount of time that I can now dedicate elsewhere. Another boundary that I have set up and love is to address the person you are messaging or emailing. So often I will open up a message and it will say “Where is the link?” or “Why are you doing that?” You would never go up to someone in public and say something without addressing them first, so I expect the same respect here in the social media space. “Hi Lynzy! Thanks so much for your stories this AM. I have a question…..” 

Tip #2: Set Time Limits

You can set time limits for certain apps within your settings. I really love this idea because we all know how easily you can get distracted in an app and then POOF! an hour has gone by! I love that this is just a quick reminder to get off the app and enjoy life! 

Tip #3: Move the App

In January I moved my IG app into a hidden folder on the 4th screen. I have to swipe four times, then open a hidden folder to find the Instagram app. By the time I got to it I had enough time to realize that maybe I didn’t even need to go on it in the first place.  During the first week of my month off Instagram I found myself having a minute or two to myself and reaching for my phone to “answer a few quick messages” or “check my mail”. I had to fill all the empty spaces of my life with something else. I didn’t know how to just sit in the peace and quiet and THINK. Has that ever happened to you? Where you find that quick moment where you have nothing going on and reach for your phone to fill that quietness? By the 4th week away from Instagram, I began to really ENJOY those peaceful moments. 

Tip #4: Filter Who You Follow

At the end of December I unfollowed a ton of accounts that made me feel like I wasn’t “keeping up” or made me feel like “I need more”.  Someone you followed a year ago may have been really healthy for you then but perhaps you are in a different place now and that no longer works for you. I encourage you to go through every single person that you follow and ask yourself “How does this account serve me?” Does that person make you feel confident? Do they give you helpful tips? Do they provide you with information that you want to know more about? If the answer is yes, that’s amazing! Keep them. If not, unfollow them until you are in a place where you can mentally handle that account and what they provide. 

Tip #5: Take Breaks

This one is HUGE. When is the last time you took a week or a month off from social media? I thought all I ever needed was a good week away to feel like I was in a good spot. Turns out that secret number was actually ONE MONTH. I found that the first 1-2 weeks I really missed the app but by the 4th week I realized that I didn’t need it at all. It’s a really amazing feeling and I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t before! It helps you to reset and start brand fresh!

Do you have any other tips that have helped you with social media? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m also looking to limit my social media / Phone time and it’s been quite challenging. ideally, I’d like to just hide my phone for a couple hours a night but there’s a couple things that keep me from doing that: 1) I am my mom’s #1 support person and I don’t want to miss a call from her if there’s ever an emergency. 2) I also have a newborn and want to have my phone handy to take pictures OF special moments 🙂 Would be great to hear if others have tips with this.

    1. I am loving all the changes tou have made and seT very similar boundaries, particularly on my business ACCOUNT where I was feeling most drained. I actually took about 3 months off—which was hard aftEr spending so mUch time BUILDING up my engagemeNt. But, it also helped me realize that I am not here to serve an algorithm anD that was part of the stress with social. Daily timers and also app shut off times (all my apps auto shut off from 8 pm to 7 am). Following accounts that align with your pErsonal values is also a big one! Thanks foR all you’re doing!

    2. Hi Rosa! I hear you, I’ve been feeling similarly. I like to have my phone close by to take pictures, but end up just scrolling Social media mindlessly or checking e-mails when I’m trying to just be present with the kids. One thing that helps is to just put the phone on the kitchen counter or somewhere where I can hear it if it rings, but otherwise I won’t be tempted to grab it. you can also go into your settings–> screen time, and make it so that your mom’s calls (and any other VIPs) would ring even if you put your phone on “Do Not Disturb.” Then, you’re not bothered by any other notifications, but can rest easy knowing your mom can always reach you!


  3. First, thank you for the tips!! SuPer helpful. This paSt year liKe everyone else, i was hOme with more time To surf Social media. It was easY to get caught up in bUying stuff. So i Gave myself a budget for 2021. Along with rules on needs vs wantS. Its only february and i’m already much happier. Social media has made it too easy to collect and purchase “stUff”. Lots and lots of unnecessary stuff. Yoy have a great attitude and platform here. Cheers to you!!

  4. I have been social media-freE for about 8 months now and i cannoT believe how Much simpler my life is without it! There may be a day when i need to return for my art business, but for now i am loving my social media free life. It helPs me seek god more and trulY re-teAches you hoW to think for yourself! ThanKs so much for these tiPs, i will take them into account if i ever need to get bacK on for business reasons!

  5. THANK YOU LYNZY! love your platform and your honesty. taking a few giant steps back from social media and culling my follow list before the holidays was exactly what my heart, mind and soul needed. many thanks for your encouragement and I adore the newsletter format!! have a fantastic day!

  6. Lynzy, you rOck! Can we be friends IRl???? I loveD this article! We lived in new zealand for three months and There was not unlimited access to the internet. I was rarely on my phone…once a day to check in with my family Or to download the map to our next adventUre! It was magical. Now, i find that when i pUt down my phone i am so much more Present for my family and My stress plummeTs. One of my goals for myself is whenever i am with my kids, my phone is down (except to snap some cute pics! But Even then, id rather Take a mental photo). Sometimes at the end Of the day, instead of being on my phone all day, ill take a moment to write down memories from the day and email them to The email addresses i made when they were born! I can aLWays go back and read them. Thanks Lynzy!!!

  7. hi lynzy!
    Thank you so much for this post. just went to my phone and did the downtime thing. i’m hoping this will help me commit to this better, i really want to get off my phone at night when i’m home with my family. so unnecessary and i want to be more present! so thank you

  8. Thank you for this! I left facebook 4 yesrs ago and thought it would be temporary but i am so much Happier WIthout it. I have been careful about what i Follow On IG but i really DoNt want my kids rememberinG me always on my phone. The part about picking up your phone IN times of stillness resonateD wiTh me.

  9. so appreciate you and your blog- not a new parent of littles anymore however, you continue to fill this site with honest,science based information with supporting documents- i was a special education teacher of children under the age of three so parenting of all children is close to my heart with solid based facts and research(love me a good research article). Thank you…thank you…and thank you-using all your suggestions for limiting social media- recently retired and needed this – gives me more times for walking and working out and purging my house
    FYI – I was not typing in caps- not intended at all- this was the only way i could leave a comment

  10. The calm app can be used to heLp you decide if you “need tO go to that site” each time i try to enter facebook or instagRam The calm app pops up and ask m3 to start taking breaths whiCh is when you would also think aBout if yoU then want continue on to those siTes or if you are all set. You Can set it to happEn wIth many siteS and not jUst one or tWo. I know many people that have Placed thIs oN their teens phones as well.

  11. I LOVE this advice so much!
    I have already mived my app to my 4th slide On my phone.

    I did not know about setting a timer for apps! Super Cool!

  12. These are great tips. awareness is everything. I recently noticed i follow over 900 acounts. 900!!! why?? Probably all the giveaways! This needs to change… I am starting by unfollowing a handful of accounts per day. Its too daunting to review all at once. I also noticed this fall how much Facebook made me anxious with all the political posts and deleted the app off my phone. Haven’t missed it one bit.

  13. I love this SO much. I deleted social media on 12/31/20 and your account was one of the few that I miss, but I am so happy you have this blog that you still update. I agree, that after a month away from it, I truly feel like I don’t need it anymore. I would much rather subscribe to blogs I care about and get great information from. I have a few acquaintances that I miss seeing updates from, but they are just that – acquaintances. My good friends are friends that I am texting/talking to away from the apps anyways, so I don’t feel as though I am missing out on anything. I sent your stories to many of my friends when you first started talking about how you feel on your stories. It’s admirable and I’m so thankful for your realness!

  14. Lynzy thank you so much for sharing these tips. I have been trying to get away from my phone more, but haven’t taken that step of setting limits. When I read your post I immediately went to my phone and added time limits for my social media apps. I am really looking forward to this challenge and how it will shift my focus and attention for the long term. Working from home during this pandemic has completely shifts how much media I consume and I know it is not what is best for me. I am a long time follower and truly appreciate your honesty and realness.

  15. Hi Lynzy! It’s been so Amazing to see how your Account and mindset has transformed! It’s exactly what i needed to see and hear in such a weird time in history. Thank you so much for following your heart and leading us all To have healthier relationships with social media. ❤️ Mary

  16. Yes! Deleted facebook a Few years ago and It was the best decision ever. Ig has been trickier for me. Been off a few weeks and def mIss it But i think its just the pandemic circumstances (its a stand in for adult interaCtion).

    Does anyone lnow an wasy way to unfollow on ig? It Is so tedious to go through one by one and then at some point they make you wait until another day. I get that it’s Just another mechanism to keep you around and following everyone but so annoying. Thought i would asK in case anyOne Knew a good work around.