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5 Gifts that I Wish Were on our Wedding Registry

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2012 was the year we got married and I feel like we have learned so much about life, our family and our needs in just 5 years. Thinking back to when we created our wedding registry, we really had NO idea what we actually needed and now that we are older and more wise, there are a few things that I think every couple should have on their list! OR if you are the one buying for the couple, these are a few great ideas for you! 🙂

The wedding registry items you'll wish you asked for!

1.) Homeowner’s Tool Kit // We waited way too long before we bought one of these and it has come in handy SO many times over the years. It’s a great gift for the newly wed couple! 

2.) Magnetix Rainshower Combo // These are amazing. We have one of our own now and I wish we had gotten one sooner. Showers are my most relaxing part of the day and having one of these is well worth it!

3.) Vitamix // This baby is 100% worth it. It can make anything from soups to smoothies and it’s heavy duty! We love ours! It’s a rather hefty price but this is exactly why you should put it on your registry!

4.) Basic Dish Set  // In my opinon, that fancy china really isn’t worth it. Opt for a beautiful basic dish set for everyday use instead! We have a similar set to this from Anthropologie and I love them so much!

5.) Le Creuset Dutch Oven // I have always wanted one of these and it’s still on my wish list! Anyone looking to get us a present anytime soon?

 What are some items that you wish were on your wedding registry list?!

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  1. Oh, I want that dutch oven!
    We got married almost 16 years ago so a wedding registry really isn’t in our cards but that would be a wonderful anniversary gift! We have a vitamix and it’s the bomb, seriously. It’s the best blender we have ever owned!
    Great list!

  2. These are wonderful gifts that I too wish we would have gotten on our wedding day! After being married almost 22 years, we still have the plate set we bought ourselves for when we moved in together. I had to ask my wife if we ever owned a Dutch oven. I would really want the Le Creuset Dutch oven!

  3. That showerhead would have been the first thing on my list lol. I moved into an apartment and that was one of the first things I changed. Didn’t bother asking the landlord because I just wanted to get it done. She’ll benefit from it, so she won’t complain.

  4. That Vitamix is something that my husband fought me about putting on our registry. I thought we would never use it, but I definitely ended being very wrong about that. We use it more than any other appliance in our kitchen.

  5. These are some great gift ideas! I’ll be happy to have the Classic Dish Set, I think every Couple need a good everyday dinner set. I have a nice one but I would love to have one more set just to have on hand.

  6. Yes! These are all top ideas for gifts for newlyweds! I love the idea of the Vitamix just because it is so versatile! We use ours for making everything from smoothies to homemade mayo! Great ideas!

  7. I never thought to do this (think about what I wish I had received) but I think I will. I ended up returning half of the gifts we received! Vitamix – absolutely I would add that in as well. I love that the things on your list are all practical. Things newlyweds might not realize they need yet. I wish I had seen this 6 years ago!

  8. I didn’t get to have a wedding registry because I didn’t really have a wedding. If I did, I would definitely have put a few of these on it, including the Vitamix. If I had to make a registry today, I’d also put on an espresso maker! I know, it’s not a necessity, but I really love coffee!

  9. We did not get any of these items for wedding presents, but that was 20+ years ago. I do wish we had a dutch oven. The other items would’ve come in handy also.