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5 Creative ways to Document your Babys First Year

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Monthly Baby Picture Ideas // Different ways to document your growing baby within the first year!

5 Creative ways to document your babys first year

You’ve heard it a million times over, your baby grows in the blink of an eye and capturing them throughout the process has been one of my favorite things to do. I am very much a person who likes to talk through pictures and images really do tell a story. My husband is always saying that I need to enjoy moments instead of always trying to capture them with a camera, he’s totally right but it’s so hard for me to do that! When I first had Olivia I would do monthly posts on her growth and captured her in images. Here are a few examples: Olivia at 6 months // 8 months // 10 months. I also keep a little book where I record all of their biggest milestones. It’s been hard with baby #2 to keep up with everything, but I am trying my best!

Monthly Baby Picture Ideas // Different ways to document your growing baby within the first year!

Ellie is wearing a Carter’s bodysuit ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Since I am also a photographer, I figured I would offer you all a few pointers when it comes to taking pictures of your little ones! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

5 tips & tricks to creating the best images of your baby

1.) Have a toy on hand // Always have a loud toy on hand that you can use above your head. Have your camera ready and shake the toy, your little one will look to see where the noise is coming from and you can snap away! Make sure to engage and smile and laugh a lot – it’ll give you the best shots!

2.) Neutral, comfortable clothing // I always try to dress my babies in neutral clothing that they are comfortable in. Ellie is wearing a basic white one piece bodysuit by Carters for these pictures and it allows you to focus on her adorable little face and her delicious rolls ๐Ÿ™‚ Carters has been around for years and it is certainly a brand that I truly trust and love putting my babies in. All of their pieces in their little basics collection are easy to put on and off and are durable even after several trips to the washer! Those darn blowouts! ๐Ÿ˜‰ These one piece bodysuits have quite a few other great functions as well. I use them under my girls’ pajamas in the winter for extra warmth and I also love using them as a layering piece during the day! Throw on that bodysuit underneath a pair of pants or shorts and then you can always throw on a jacket as needed. Carters is affordable and they are truly a brand that I have grown to love since having my babies. My mother was actually just saying the other day how she always had me in the one piece bodysuits! ๐Ÿ™‚

3.) Make sure baby is fed and has a new diaper // May seem obvious, but if baby is not comfortable, he/she will want nothing to do with your camera! 

4.) Neutral or Nature Back Drop // If you have a nice pretty neutral wall in your home then pose baby there or even take baby outside! The beach or park makes a perfect back drop!

5.) Get creative // There are so many different ways to capture your baby month by month! See all the inspiration through the links below!

Monthly Baby Picture Ideas // Different ways to document your growing baby within the first year! // 5 Creative ways to document your babys first year

Monthly Baby Picture Ideas // Different ways to document your growing baby within the first year! // 5 Creative ways to document your babys first year

5 Creative ways to document your babys first year

 1.) Photograph from belly to first year // Starting off with your growing bump and then exchanging your bump for baby as they grow month by month. Simply Rosie did a great job with this collage here!

2.) Use a neutral background and add in a little stuffed animal // Adding in the stuffed animal will give people an idea of how much your little one has grown over the months! Kristen Honeycutt did a beautiful job with these images here.

3.) Great creative with a chalkboard // Prepare your chalkboard and then place baby – this may get difficult as they start to move, but those images are so adorable too! Go check out these photo illustrations by Kara over at Life with Fingerprints!

4.) Simple Chair Pose with Animal // this is a great simple pose for your baby! 

5.) Black & White on a calendar // LOVE this one! Come see how Under the Sycamore created this beautiful black and white collage of her baby! 

Monthly Baby Picture Ideas // Different ways to document your growing baby within the first year! // 5 Creative ways to document your babys first year

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  1. I’m pregnant with my first (and crazy excited) and have been collecting ideas for documenting with photos. I’m hoping to settle on something that’s cute but not too time intensive or difficult. I want to make sure we enjoy the process so it doesn’t start to feel like a stressful obligation. Great ideas here!

  2. I take photos every month of my little guy with the front page of the newspaper and sports page. I also do one with his Bryce Harper Nationals jersey which is size 12 mos. So every month it fits a little more as he grows into it!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I love using the same stuffed animal beside my baby boy as comparison month by month. Can’t wait till he’s more alert, smiling, and sitting up to take photos of in the future like outdoors and around the house! He’s just 6 weeks now.

  4. I have a baby scrapbook that I put pictures and add captions to it. I also document a lot on social media. I love seeing how my baby grows each month.

  5. I take pictures of my daughter with the same bunny every month. And also on the afghan my grandma crocheted for her.

  6. We use the Lucy Darling stickers and a chair that I salvaged from a garage sale…Eames style and bright yellow…I dreamed of these monthly photos and can’t believe we are already halfway through them!

  7. I put my little guy in the same print honest diaper and lay him on a matching swaddle blanket. It’s turned out super cute!

  8. I am terrible about taking the month by month photos and tagging them on my phone but I never seem to get them in a journal!

  9. I’m still pregnant but I plan to take a newborn picture with a measuring tape (baby length), scale (weight), month calendar with date circled (September), and a clock (time). I’ll just get photos of everyday life as it happens.

  10. I started a journal when my first was born. I record milestones and little stories that I’m afraid to forget. I plan to hand them over when the kids get old enough.

  11. I take a TON of pictures! I used to make Shutterfly books to add notes about important milestones, too, but haven’t in a while and need to start again.

  12. Every month of her first year a photo was taken of my granddaughter with her teddy bear. This way it is easy to see how much she has grown. There are many other photos as well.

  13. For my first two children I just took pictures with my own homemade sign next them each month! ๐Ÿ™‚ For my youngest daughter I used milestone stickers on her onesies!

  14. These pictures are perfect! I was so good about taking my first babes pictures monthly and I’ve already missed the first two months for my second ???? Second child problems… Aiming to start at three months old I guess!

  15. I have been terrible at documenting both of my kids monthly changes. I just take pictures of them whenever, and sometimes I will post them on social media.

  16. I am a grandma now so we do it differently now. We have pictures, and we will make a beautiful scrapbook for them to have when they get older.

  17. I documented my daughters’ month by month milestones in their baby books… but this was 30 years ago. More recently, my daughter keeps a private family blog where she keeps track of their month by month progress. She has a sidebar that shows my grandsons each month so you can compare both of them and see how they changed/developed during their first year.

  18. I take natural photos of my kids doing kid stuff. Eating apples, playing in the park, hugging their favorite toys, and being silly!

  19. I keep a book for each of my children where I put pictures and notes about their milestones along with little mementos.

  20. Every month since the day my bundle of joy was born I take her pictures & make her hand prints & her feet print. Every picture has been outdoors. We love nature.

  21. I take a picture of my daughter Milly by taking pictures in the same location with her dad’s childhood stuffed animal and monthly onesie.

  22. I think all the ways are seriously so cute! I really like the idea of somehow showing what month they are each month (a sign, or make the number out of something).

  23. Most of my photos are all digital but I do occasionally use shutterfly and make some pretty cool things using their website.

  24. Yes, I am taking tons of pics and with everything digital being date stamped it is very easy to track things monthly

  25. I only documented months like that with my 3rd baby. I just used a paper at the time, and tried to get him to sit still long enough to be photographed. Haha.

  26. I’m pregnant with twins so I’ll be documenting everything with photos & videos ๐Ÿ™‚ we are so excited!!!

  27. My husband took 1 picture everyday for the entire first year of both of my daughters lives. We then put it into a rapid slideshow to watch how much the girls changed everyday. It was so cool!

  28. When our children were small, we took weekly pictures with a card showing how many weeks old they were. Our son takes a daily photo of our grandchild.

  29. My daughter finds some way to find the number of months of the age of my grandbaby and takes photos with that.

  30. Just I love taking photos of my son I try to keep up every month with a photo of him. They are great memories to treasure for the future

  31. I have a monthly sticker and I take the picture in the same spot each month ๐Ÿ™‚


  32. I take so many photos) I just print some milestone pictures and keep them in a big album, and I male an old-fashioned note in the back of the pic)

  33. lstarted taking pictures of my son in my rocking chair once he was big enough to hold his held up. I wished I had did him with the chalkboard with his milestone moments written on it every month instead. When ever I have my second child thats what im going to do.

  34. I never did that with my kids. I always felt like I was behind on everything when my kids were little. Looking back I wish I had but I did take a lot of photos of them though.

  35. Well my friends baby she has been using the different sticker month package that she got from her babyshower and lays him on a blacket or something to prop him up. My son is 9 so I didn’t really get into that 9 years ago it wasn’t all about that but now it is. I wish I new about it later in 2007 it stinks lol


  37. Love the ideas! My baby is 3 weeks old and I plan on using the month by month stickers to document her growth and milestones.

  38. I take plenty of pictures on my phone, then i edit it on my computer and write the milestones, and send it to all my family who enjoy reading them.

  39. Oh those are all such creative ideas! We usually use a chalkboard, but are not really creative with it. I have to use some of these ideas! I do print all our pictures and put in albums! We love to look through them and see the changes!

  40. I document by posting to Instagram. It’s like a continuous memory book!

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    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  41. My husband and I take pictures of our daughter every Sunday so we can document how much she changes from week to week.

  42. I am always taking photos, but rarely print them off because it gets so expensive. So I store the photos in folders on my computer as well as having them backed up on a photo storage site and an external hard drive, as well as CD’s. I’ve been in the situation before where our computer crashed and I lost loads of photos, such a sad thing to experience. But when I can get them printed out, I be sure to do so, and then I put them in albums <3

  43. I made a scrape book, pasted all kinds of things, like the label from bottles of baby food that my son would eat for the 1st time and how he like it or not.

  44. Love these ideas! I did the belly stickers with my little guy laid on a faux sheepskin, which was a fun collage to be able to put in his baby book. I like doing professional photos every 6 months to 1 year too.

  45. My niece would take pictures of whatever milestone the baby was achieving and send them out to all the relatives and her friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Great tips! I always try to dress my babe in neutral clothes for her special/monthly photos. That way her cute expressions show through!

  47. I haven’t done this before but my new baby book comes with month cutouts so I’d love to document my baby girls months by using the cutouts.

  48. I used kidlapse to make a video from a photo taken each month. It lines up the eyes so baby is in the same place each month. Great keepsake.