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40 Baby Registry Must Haves

Now that I am a mother of three I can honestly say that I have a good grasp on what moms REALLY need for Baby Registry Must Haves. Let’s be real, there is a lot of SHIT out there and it can be really hard to decipher what in the actual hell you NEED to have. We are saturated in baby shit but we don’t need it all! The products that I feature in today’s post are products that I have PERSONALLY used and LOVE. A lot of these products have also been used my friends of mine who love them just as much as I do. I want to make sure that this post is helpful to you and only recommend what I know will be the best. 

Before we dive in, I want to also mention that I do not list any breastfeeding pillows in here. For me, I felt as though they were a waste of money. My lactation consultants have also mentioned that they can hinder a good latch because of how high they can put the baby. For some, I know that they are great, but for me, a waste of money! I always get asked that questions a lot so I figured I would mention it right off the bat!

Now that I am a mother of three I can honestly say that I have a good grasp on what moms REALLY need for Baby Registry Must Haves.

40 Baby Registry Must Haves


Ergobaby Swaddle & Nested Bean Swaddle 

WHY I LOVE IT: I love that both of these swaddles DO NOT ride up on the neck. I think that they are both must haves so I included one of each.

Snuggle Me Sleeper

WHY I LOVE IT: I prefer this over the Dock a tot. The Snuggle Me sleeper has center sling technology which allows it to perfectly hug baby once he/she is positioned inside. You can use it up until 6 months only but it’s so much comfier than the dock a tot and I love that it’s made with organic materials. 

Happiest Baby Bassinet

WHY I LOVE IT: I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but this bassinet is definitely amazing. Whenever Miles is fussy and overtired (but fed, changed and ready for sleep), I put him in here and he’s asleep within 2 minutes. No joke! He has slept in here from 4 weeks – currently. 

Rock n Play

WHY I LOVE IT: Let me count the reasons, 12810982908. This thing can go upstairs, downstairs, in the bathroom while you shower, outside while your other kids play, on a trip with you, EVERYWHERE. Just do yourself a favor and get one, k?

Motorola Monitor

WHY I LOVE IT: I have owned this monitor for all three of the little ones and it’s the only one I will ever use – I love it! You can add additional cameras as well. 

Nook Breathable Mattress

WHY I LOVE IT: I have used owlet in the past but I honestly find way more peace of mind with this breathable mattress and I think it’s worth every penny. I no longer stare at the monitor all night if my little ones are on their bellies sleeping because I know that they can breathe through the mattress!




Happy Baby Wrap & Carrier

WHY I LOVE IT: I will have an in depth post on baby wearing and the carriers that I prefer for each stage. My favorite baby wrap for 0-6 months is the Happy Baby Wrap (many companies/brands make a version of this but this is the one I am currently using now). This wrap has a very “bouncy” material that keeps it’s shape! I also love the carrier version because you can breastfeed while baby is in there!

Chekoh Ring Sling

WHY I LOVE IT: I love ring slings for ages 6 months and up when baby is very aware of their surroundings and can keep their head up for extended periods of time! So much easier to baby wear on my hip instead of out front ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Basic onesies – short & long sleeved

WHY I LOVE them: I use these for everything, underneath pajamas, clothes, etc!

Zip up onesies

WHY I LOVE THEM: These are by far the EASIEST to get on and off for diaper changes. Scoop a million of them up (but seriously….) ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Zutano Booties

WHY I LOVE THEM: These are the only booties that stay on my little one’s feet! I love them!




4-in-1 Convertible Crib

WHY I LOVE IT: I prefer to have the 4-in-1 crib that converts to a bed when they are ready! 


WHY I LOVE IT: This glider/ recliner is the best glider I have ever tried out. It easily kicks out while you’re nursing and can be kicked right back down. It’s very comfortable and I love the high back! It keeps selling out so I would jump on this one!

Sound Machine

WHY I LOVE IT: This sound machine is amazing. I bought 3 of these cheaper ones for $20 when I finally decided to upgrade to this one because the cheap one just kept breaking!

Hatch Nursery Changing Pad & Scale

I LOVE this changing pad & scale! There is an app that you can use to track your baby’s weight and progress as well! 


A must have for the colder months!




Little Unicorn Bibs & Burp Cloths

This is my favorite brand for bibs and burp clothes. We have 4 of these burp cloths and just rotate through them!

Replay Recycled cups, plates, utensils

Hands down the best I have found for the kiddos!

Minbie OR Smilo Bottles 

My girls both took Como Tomo bottles (both breastfed) but Miles didn’t want anything to do with it! He only takes the Minbie or the Smilo!

IKEA highchair

I have gone through quite a few high chairs and this one is hands down the best and only $20! 


I will be creating a separate “registry” post for breastfeeding, including best pumps & accessories that I have needed along the way!


Play Mat

Light Up Rattle

My favorite toy for the little ones and a great gift to include at a baby shower!

Black and White Stand up Cards & Mirror 

These are great for tummy time play!

Sit me Up Seat

Miles is just about ready to use this and I am so excited to have him sitting up and interacting!


Boppy Newborn Lounger



Bamboo Hooded Towels

I absolutely LOVE these! So soft and comfy!

Wash Cloths

Tubby Todd Bath Products

Love the scent of these products and they are all natural! 

Bath Tub

We have had this tub for years and I just clean it thoroughly now and then! It’s the best because it is perfect from birth all the up through toddler years too!




Car Seat Cover ( girls // boys )

This muslin car seat cover is breathable and has magnetic closures in front – LOOOOOVE it!

Car Seat Cocoon

This is what we use in the colder months because you can’t use heavy sweaters or coats in the car seat! We have used one of these for years for the kids!

Baby Jogger Stroller with Bassinet Attachment

We have the City Select Lux that has the ability to have two seats and a seat and bassinet – there are a ton of different ways to have the seats and I love that you can even add a glider board! We have the Chicco car seat attachment so I can use it with the car seat too!

Pockit Stroller

Folds up SUPER small and is great for travel once the kids are older! Not necessarily something you need right away but definitely something that’s good to have when they are toddler age!

Chicco Fit2 Car Seat

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

Hands down my favorite car seat ad WORTH EVERY PENNY. I get that it’s pricey but it’s worth it in my opinion because I know my kids are safe. 


Diaper Bag

Love the style of this backpack – so sleek!

Baby Shusher

I bring this on every car ride and it calms Miles down within a minute or two. No idea what I would do without it! 



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  1. Thank you so much for this post! Very helpful for this soon-to-be mama. This is done really well – I appreciate the work you put in, I imagine it wasn’t easy!

  2. Love this post, thanks! I was thinking about getting a Moses basket and stand like the restoration hardware one I saw you use with Miles. Would you reccommend?

  3. I’m fine-tuning my registry and just wanted to check about the mattress you mentioned. The anti-SIDS breathe-ability certainly appeals to me (#fellowPA) but then I saw that they make several mattresses…do you like the lightweight one or the full-sized (more expensive!)? The lightweight (the one linked) has fewer reviews and fewer stars than the other, and people said it seemed too light? What’s your take on that?? Thanks so much!!