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31 weeks || Pregnancy Update & Comfortable Shoes

This post is sponsored by Shoes.com. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love working with!

I can hardly believe we are creeping up on 32 weeks tomorrow! I guess tie does fly when you’re chasing after 3 other little ones! I wanted to give you a little pregnancy update today as well as show you two shoes that I have been LOVING with my newly swollen feet 😉 Heat & 4th pregnancies are a bit tough on the lower legs and feet! Shoes.com is one of my favorite places to pick up new kicks and both of these pairs are available there right now! 

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The first pair are these adorable Sam Edelman sandals in spiced clay. I love the color and the studs! I was a bit worried with swollen feet but they are actually perfect because they are adjustable! They also come in plain black as well! I love the way they look with a cute pair of denim cutoffs and simple tank too! 

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The next pair are my beloved Birkenstocks that I have had for a few years now. I LOVE the big buckle on these! They are incredible comfortable and I lived in them during my last pregnancy! They fit TTS! Here is another pair that is similar and much more affordable!

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Here are a few other pairs I am loving:

So far I have to say that this is the best I have felt PHYSICALLY during a pregnancy and I owe it all to maintaining a higher level of fitness prior to getting pregnant this time around. I have made it a HUGE priority to maintain my fitness throughout this pregnancy and I am still able to do a light jog for about 3 miles! I am SO thankful that I am able to be this active with this pregnancy because I have had medical issues in the past that required me to slow down and only do light impact work like yoga! I feel so much better mentally when I am able to do more vigorous workouts and this has been awesome throughout this pregnancy!

I am leaning more towards this being a boy! I had my FIRST dream of the baby being born the other night and it was a boy so now I am SOLD on the fact that it is but I have been wrong every single time so far! haha! We will see now that I have experience with both genders if I am spot on this time 😉 My vein has been bothering me quite a bit and my leg and foot are officially purple in color but if I am wearing compression I actually feel okay! I am a bit worried about the heat as it starts to warm up here but at least I won’t be pregnant all summer long! We are pretty much ready for baby at this point, we just need an infant car seat since the one we had was expired! I have a few other things I want to do to the baby’s room (stay tuned for that) and then we are just in the fun waiting stage! I am also doing the hypnobirthing class which I need to catch up on and finish in the next few weeks! 

I hope you guys are all holding up well and have an awesome weekend!

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  1. It says you only get the 30% off if YOU’RE a nurse or first responder… you didnt mention that in your blog post. :-/